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Enhance email management and productivity.
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The AI Mail Assistant - ChatGPT™ for Gmail™ is an advanced email management tool for professionals and individuals alike. It is a Gmail™ add-on that utilizes AI technology to streamline email management.

The tool can summarize incoming emails, generate answers, improve draft quality, translate content in 13 languages, and allows users to directly ask questions to ChatGPT without the need for an OpenAI account.

With its use of GPT-3 Davinci, the most advanced AI technology from OpenAI, AI Mail Assistant offers unparalleled speed and efficiency that makes it a smarter choice than basic email management tools.

AI Mail Assistant can be used by busy professionals, business executives, executives, customer support teams, and non-native English speakers. It saves time and effort while delivering fast, accurate, and personalized results.

The tool is secure, with a limited number of scopes, and committed to protecting user data and privacy. The AI Mail Assistant is a powerful and versatile app that provides an all-in-one solution to manage emails, making email management easy and effortless.


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AI Mail Assistant was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Summarizes incoming emails
Generates draft responses
Translates content in 13 languages
Direct ChatGPT interaction
Powered by GPT-3 Davinci
Suited for professionals and non-natives
Time-saving tool
Delivers fast, accurate results
Personalized responses
Secure data handling
Limited access scopes
Auto-responder feature
Improves draft quality
Effective for customer support
Assists email management for executives
Aids non-native English speakers
Contributes to freelancer client communication
Efficient for high email volume
Constant updates and improvements
Only two permission scopes required
Detailed email response generation
User-friendly for busy professionals
Increases customer satisfaction
Helps avoid language barriers
Enhances business productivity
Summarizes complex emails
Improves client satisfaction rate
Constant service upgrades
Complies with privacy policy
Tool is discreet and smooth
Generates high-quality responses
Useful for international communication
Reduces email management time
Offers free trial period
Developer support provided


Limited to Gmail
Currently only 13 languages
Using only GPT-3
Reported slow responses
Needs better design
Manual Installation from GSuite Marketplace
Limited users' reviews


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What's the security policy of AI Mail Assistant?
Does AI Mail Assistant have access to my Gmail account?
Why is AI Mail Assistant considered more efficient than basic email management tools?
Do I need an OpenAI account to use AI Mail Assistant?
How does AI Mail Assistant help in summarizing incoming mails?
How can AI Mail Assistant help busy professionals managing their emails?
Can AI Mail Assistant help with customer support workloads?
Can non-native English speakers benefit from using the AI Mail Assistant?
How does AI Mail Assistant use GPT-3 Davinci technology?
Do I need special permissions to install AI Mail Assistant?
How is AI Mail Assistant different from other Gmail add-ons?
What features are expected in future updates of AI Mail Assistant?
How does AI Mail Assistant help in improving productivity?


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