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EmailMagic AI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool designed to help users write emails 10x faster. It works by analyzing the user's email data and matching the user's writing style.

When replying to a thread, EmailMagic will read the most recent replies in order to generate the most relevant reply. The tool also supports multiple languages, making it easy for users to write and reply in any language.

EmailMagic offers two subscription plans: Basic and Premium. The Basic plan allows users to generate content for 10 emails per day, while the Premium plan allows up to 100 emails per day.

The Premium plan also offers early access to new features. EmailMagic is secure and promises to never share, sell or do anything shady with the user's data.

Currently, EmailMagic is only available for Chrome browser. EmailMagic is an indie startup and customer support is available via live chat or email.


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Pros and Cons


Writes emails faster
Matches user's writing style
Generates relevant replies
Supports multiple languages
Two subscription plans
Offers early feature access
Secures user's data
Chrome browser compatible
Live chat support
7-day free trial
20% off on first order
Responsive email replies
Oversees mundane email tasks
Allows multiple revisions
Does not read emails
Maintains user privacy
Generated by indie startup
Customer support via email


Only for Chrome browser
Limited daily email generation
Limited languages in Basic
Only email customer support
Limited revisions per email
Start-up, stability concerns
Indie startup, limited resources
Limited originality in Basic
Access to new features only in Premium
Data privacy concerns


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How secure is my data with EmailMagic?
Do I need to give access to my email data for EmailMagic to work?
Is EmailMagic available for browsers other than Chrome?
What kind of support does EmailMagic offer?
Who is the creator of EmailMagic?
What happens if I have issues using EmailMagic?
How does EmailMagic revise my emails?
Can EmailMagic read my emails?
What does 'copy originality' in the subscription plans mean?
How does EmailMagic remove language barriers?
How can I subscribe to EmailMagic?
What is the cost of EmailMagic's subscription plans?
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