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Generate personalized emails easily.
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AI Email Writer by is an AI-powered tool that enables users to generate engaging and personalized emails effortlessly. With this tool, users can create compelling email content for their outreach campaigns without the need for copywriting skills.

The AI email generator utilizes OpenAI-based technology and a range of custom prompts developed by email experts to produce high-performing email copy.To use the AI Email Writer, users can select from a variety of prepared prompts, including sales pitches, demo offers, upsell emails, and follow-ups.

Alternatively, users can create their own custom prompts for more creative and unique results. The tool then prompts users to provide some details about their brand and offer, which helps the AI assistant create persuasive and tailored email content.Once the AI generates the email, users have the option to edit and perfect the copy.

The tool offers various improvements such as adding arguments, changing the tone, adjusting the length of the copy, checking spelling and grammar, and even translating the email into 36 different languages.The AI Email Writer is seamlessly integrated into's Drip Campaigns, allowing users to create unique and effective email copy as they build their campaign.

This tool saves time and effort for users by automating the email writing process, ensuring higher response rates and improved sales conversions.Overall, AI Email Writer by is a user-friendly and powerful tool that empowers users to create engaging and personalized email content, even without copywriting expertise.

Snov Email Writer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized emails
No copywriting skills required
Custom prompts by email experts
Collection of prepared prompts
Create unique prompts
Tailored email content
Editable copy post-generation
Suggestions for improvements
Spelling and grammar checks
Translation into 36 languages
Integrated into Drip Campaigns
Saves user time
Improved sales conversions
User-friendly interface
Option to add arguments
Ability to change tone
Adjust email length
Integration with 5000+ tools
REST API for integrations
Improves email deliverability
Email Tracker feature
Effective lead generation
Personalized drip email sequences
Sales CRM integration
Integrated Email Finder
Inbuilt Email Verifier
LinkedIn Prospect Finder
Technology Checker feature
Pre-set options for emails
Subject line generation
Creation of follow-up emails
Emails from summary feature
Custom prompts for unique mails
Handy Chrome extensions
Access to Snovio Academy
Case Studies for reference
Sales Cheats and resources
Detailed guides in Help Center
Sales and marketing Glossary
Integration with Gmail
Engaging recipients feature
Easy-to-navigate interface
Automates outreach with personalization
Growth tips and tutorials via Blog
Improves reply rates
Offers a demo
Awards for performance and ease


No standalone application
Limited prepared prompts
No indication of security measures
No offline usage
No multi-user capabilities
Limited to 36 languages
Dependent on's Drip Campaigns
No specific industry customizations
Inability to import external data
Unavailable on mobile devices


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Can Snov Email Writer really generate emails in seconds?
How does Snov Email Writer ensure higher response rates and improved sales conversions?
Can Snov Email Writer be used to create follow-ups?
Does Snov Email Writer offer any pre-set options for email creation?
Does using Snov Email Writer require any specific details about my brand and offer?
What does Snov Email Writer do to make email copy more persuasive and engaging?


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