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Efficient email writing with personalized content.
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Hypertype is an AI tool that helps companies write smart emails quickly and efficiently. It uses a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and human touch to provide personalized replies tailored to the company’s context.

It can extract and select the most relevant past emails from the team, as well as provide untapped information otherwise inaccessible. It supports up to 110 languages and is powered by Cookiebot.

It can sync data with one click and provide a dashboard to manage templates and Q&A. It eliminates the need to manually search and saves time, energy and money.


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Hypertype was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Efficient email writing
Personalized content generation
Extracts relevant past emails
Provides untapped information
Supports 110 languages
One-click data sync
Dashboard management
Template and Q&A control
Time, energy, money saver
Real-time information provision
Team knowledge sharing
Automates email and document collection
Displays document collection in dashboard
Tracks template usage statistics
Personalized reply generation
Untapped information unlocking
Supports multilingual communication
Featured by recognized entities
Company knowledge base control
Harnesses Natural Language Processing
Response editing option


Dependent on Cookiebot
Limited template management
Relies on past emails
Possibly high data handling
No explicit privacy features
Dashboard management unclear
Deployment details not provided
No multi-device support mentioned
No offline capability mentioned


What is Hypertype?
How does Hypertype use AI to compose emails?
What is the main purpose of Hypertype?
How does Hypertype use Natural Language Processing?
What does Hypertype mean by 'human touch'?
In what ways can Hypertype extract and select useful data from past emails?
How many languages does Hypetype support?
How can Hypertype provide the untapped information inaccessible otherwise?
What does Hypertype's one-click data synchronization do?
What features does the Hypertype dashboard have?
What is the process behind Hypertype's automatic email and work documents' automation?
How does Hypertype save time, energy, and money for businesses?
How can Hypertype improve a company's productivity?
Is Hypertype suitable for responding to customer service emails?
What is the relevance of Cookiebot with Hypertype?
How does Hypertype help in knowledge-sharing within a team?
What functionality does Hypertype provide real-time information on?
How does Hypertype handle multilingual texts?
What is Hypertype's stance on data privacy and cookies?
Can Hypertype be fully integrated into my current email system?

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