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Automated email management boosting productivity.
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The Reply Project is a tool developed by GMass that enables users to respond to emails 10 times faster. This tool organizes all the user's emails on one screen, allowing them to rapidly respond using templates or ChatGPT, a chatbot that assists in responding to emails.

The tool also features highly beneficial capabilities for email marketers, like breaking Gmail's sending limits, mail merging with Google Sheets, campaign analytics reports and personalization with conditional logic.

Additionally, users can make use of automatic follow-up sequences to boost response rates, schedule a mail merge for the future, or repeat it, add quick surveys to campaigns, send new campaigns as replies to prior messages or send new emails to a segment of a prior campaign.

In terms of reply management, the tool helps users respond to emails quickly, avoid inbox clutter, manage their unsubscribe requests and detect bounces.

Lastly, users can verify email addresses before sending, create templates for future use, and integrate the tool with other apps using the REST API, webhooks, or Zapier integration.

This tool is useful for various industries, like political campaigns, sports clubs, teaching, real estate, internal communications, and others. It is free to use and can be added to Gmail as a chrome extension.

The Reply Project was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Organizes all emails on one screen
Fast response using ChatGPT
Can use templates for responding
Breaks Gmail's sending limits
Mail merging with Google Sheets
Provides campaign analytics
Can personalize with conditional logic
Automatic follow-up sequences
Scheduling mail merges for future
Adding quick surveys to campaigns
Can send new campaigns as replies
Send new emails to campaign segments
Quick reply management
Automated handling of unsubscribe requests
Bounce detection
Creating targeted lists from Gmail search
A/B Testing for campaigns
SMTP integration for larger sends
Transactional emails through Gmail
Pre-send email verification
Turn sent emails into templates
REST API, webhooks, Zapier integration
Improves email deliverability
Free to use
Can be added as a Chrome extension
Supports various industries
Avoids inbox clutter
In-app email list building
Can test links before sending
Offers domain-based open and bounce rates
Has link and SMTP testers
Open tracking with companion Chrome extension
Supports cold email outreach
Supports membership and media outreach
Useful for teaching, real estate, sports clubs
Useful for political and internal communications


Only works with Gmail
No mobile application
Lacks offline functionality
Requires Chrome extension
Limited to Google Sheets integration
Limited support channels
Limited A/B testing
Complicated UI


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How does The Reply Project help in breaking Gmail's sending limits?


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