Email writing 06 Mar 2023
Automation of email composition and management.

Generated by ChatGPT

Mailr is an AI email assistant that helps users save time by writing and replying to emails instantly. It is available as a free Chrome extension that can be downloaded on all Chrome devices and platforms.

With Mailr, users can draft any email message in just a single click right from their browser, by simply giving Mailr the instruction (the goal of their email) in a few short words.

Users can also choose from 10+ tones (friendly, informal, persuasive, etc.) to customize the tone of their email. The tool can be useful for busy professionals who spend over 2.5 hours each day answering emails.

The free version of Mailr allows users to compose new emails, customize tones, and has a 2,000-word limit. The premium tier offers 100,000+ words per month, faster email generation, and early access to beta features for $4.99 per month.

Users who need more words can email Mailr's support team. They also offer a newsletter with updates, latest features, and chances to participate in frequent giveaways.

Overall, Mailr is a helpful tool for saving time and streamlining email communication.


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