Email writing 2023-03-06
Email writing
Generated by ChatGPT

Mailr is a Google Chrome extension that uses the power of artificial intelligence to help users write and reply to emails. It is an AI email assistant that can generate the best possible email message based on the user's intentions and chosen tone.

Mailr is suitable for both individuals and businesses who want to manage and optimize their email communication. The tool uses OpenAI's GPT-3/Chat-GPT to provide users with better email writing and save them time on email management.Using Mailr is easy as it involves just three simple steps: users give Mailr the intention of their email, choose from 10+ custom tones, and then sit back and watch Mailr generate their email.

User privacy is a top priority for the Mailr team so emails are never stored on their servers, and user data is never shared with third parties. Mailr also supports in-app purchases.Mailr supports its users with writer's block and empowers millions around the world to revolutionize the way they communicate with AI.

Users can take back control of their inbox and save valuable time each day with Mailr. If developers and marketers want to contribute to the project, Mailr welcomes them to reach out to them via Gmail.


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Mailr was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Google Chrome extension
Writes & replies to emails
User-controlled email intention
10+ custom tones selection
Individuals & businesses friendly
Ease of usage
Quick three-step process
Writer's block solution
Email time management
Ensures user privacy
No email storage
No user data sharing
Supports in-app purchases
Can contribute to project
Email communication optimization
Formal & casual messages
Revolutionizing communication
Control over inbox
Save hours daily
No third-party data access
Authentication for account security
Lightweight (119KB Size)
Developer accessibility
Stress-free communication
deals with email management
Developer contact provided
Regular updates
Suitable for different scenarios
Potential developmental contribution
Productivity enhancement
Optimizes email communication
User-friendly interface
Secured data processing
Business and individual use
Available in English
Positive user reviews


Only for Google Chrome
Requires account authentication
Not multi-language
Platform specificity
In-app purchases
Only email writing focus
Limited in functionality
Doesn't support other browsers
Dependent on Internet connectivity
Doesn't support all email platforms

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