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Autogenerated email and message replies.
Generated by ChatGPT

ReplyAssistant is an AI-powered email and message response generator that utilizes advanced AI technology from OpenAI to generate personal and professional responses to emails and messages in real-time.

By automatically generating responses, this tool can save users time and effort in their communication efforts. ReplyAssistant can be used in three ways: the in-app method, the generate reply method within the share menu, and the ReplyAssistant keyboard method.

The keyboard method requires users to first install the ReplyAssistant keyboard and then long-press on the Globe button to select ReplyAssistant from the keyboard menu, after which they can input their question or message and click on the ReplyAssistant button to generate a response.

The tool claims to be using OpenAI's latest chat API AI to generate more accurate responses. In addition, ReplyAssistant invites feedback and suggestions to improve their Privacy Policy.

ReplyAssistant was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates real-time responses
Personal and professional replies
Saves user time and effort
Three distinct utilisation methods
In-app reply generation
Generate Reply option in share menu
Custom ReplyAssistant keyboard method
Installation process for keyboard method
Feedback invited for product improvement
Real-time, intelligent communication
Generates accurate replies
Easy to use interface
Can be used across apps
Keyboard is alphanumeric
Integrates with email system
assist in message composition
Improved privacy policy
Available for download on App Store
Completes communication task seamlessly


Requires keyboard installation
Long-press to select ReplyAssistant
Not standalone application
Relies on user feedback
No multi-language support mentioned
No API for integration
Dependency on the share menu
No offline mode
No Android app mentioned


What is ReplyAssistant?
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What steps are required to use ReplyAssistant from within the app?
How does the generate reply method work in the share menu?
How can I use the ReplyAssistant keyboard method for generating email replies?
Is there any specific way to select ReplyAssistant from the keyboard menu?
How can the ReplyAssistant input my question or message?
What AI technology from OpenAI does ReplyAssistant use?
Does ReplyAssistant invite suggestions for improving their Privacy Policy?
Where can I download ReplyAssistant?
Can I use ReplyAssistant outside the app?
What steps are needed to use ReplyAssistant's keyboard?
Can ReplyAssistant be used in any app?
How reliable is the reply generated by ReplyAssistant?
How can I contact the ReplyAssistant team?
Is ReplyAssistant available on the App Store?
What information does ReplyAssistant need to generate a reply?
Does ReplyAssistant handle my data in accordance with privacy policy?


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