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Automated email writing and summarization.
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SimpleMail is an AI-powered email tool designed to streamline the email-writing process and save users time. This tool can write emails in seconds from just a few bullet points and can summarize lengthy emails into concise notes.

SimpleMail also offers an AI reply function, where users can choose from positive, negative, and neutral options, and the AI drafts an email based on the selected tone and the received email.

SimpleMail does not integrate with Outlook, but is currently available as a Chrome extension for Gmail users. The tool will be available as an app in 2023.

SimpleMail is a free-to-use tool during its Open Beta period, and a small monthly fee is planned after the beta period ends. The tool promises to be an all-in-one solution for effective communication and more productive workflows, making email communication more efficient and effective.


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SimpleMail was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Streamlines email-writing process
Saves time
Writes emails from bullet points
Summarizes lengthy emails
Chrome extension for Gmail
Free to use during Open Beta
Boosts workflow productivity
Enhances effective communication
Generates grammatically correct emails
Prioritizes important information in summaries
Optimizes professional email drafting
Summarization feature saves reading time
Contributes to increased revenue
Removes language barriers
Ideal for both work and personal use


Doesn't integrate with Outlook
Only available for Gmail
Only available as Chrome extension
App version anticipated in 2023
Free during Open Beta only
Unclear future pricing
Doesn't support Yahoo, iCloud
Limited tone options
Requires grammatically correct inputs
No offline functionality


What is SimpleMail?
How does SimpleMail's Automated email writing work?
Does SimpleMail summarize lengthy emails?
What is the AI reply feature on SimpleMail?
Does SimpleMail work with Outlook?
Is SimpleMail available as a Chrome extension?
Will SimpleMail be available as an app?
Is there a fee to use SimpleMail?
What is the primary purpose of SimpleMail?
Do I need to have good writing skills to use SimpleMail?
How does SimpleMail's AI Compose Function work?
What does the Summarize function in SimpleMail do?
Can I generate multiple versions of drafted emails in SimpleMail?
How does the AI Reply function work in SimpleMail?
Can I use SimpleMail for both work and personal use?
How is SimpleMail different from other AI email tools?
Does SimpleMail work with Yahoo, iCould and other email accounts?
How can I install SimpleMail?
Is SimpleMail free to use during its Open Beta period?
What fees are planned after the Open Beta period ends for SimpleMail?

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