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Create effective emails in minutes.
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MateAI is an AI-driven tool designed to streamline the creation of email campaigns. It leverages AI to generate copy for emails, assisting users in drafting their messages quicker than traditional methods.

This tool serves as a source of inspiration for crafting emails, offering access to a wide selection of email templates sourced from top brands which can be easily edited and imported into your Email Service Provider (ESP) such as Mailchimp.

MateAI aims at providing users the ability to conduct efficient and effective email marketing, enhancing their copywriting capabilities. Despite harnessing cutting-edge AI technology, it maintains user-friendliness and accessibility, allowing users to get started without requiring credit card information.

MateAI is not just for creating and editing emails, but also finding optimal ways of expressing ideas and messages through its AI-generated suggestions.

The testimonials suggest that users have found success using MateAI for their businesses, as it helps save time and resources while conducting email campaigns.


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Pros and Cons


Generates email copy
Designs email templates
Multilingual support
300+ curated emails
Enables template editing
Imports to ESP
Mailchimp compatibility
Time-saving features
7-day free trial
No credit card required
Two payment plans
Included customer support
New features included
Onboarding and training
Featured on Product Hunt
Utilized by known companies
Streamlines creation of emails
Source of creative inspiration
Boosts copywriting capabilities
User-friendly interface
Message optimization
Success testimonials available


Limited language support
Supports only few ESPs
No offline use
Limited template customization
Limited industry-specific templates
Lacks advanced automation features
No A/B testing features
Lacks built-in analytics


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Is MateAI user-friendly?
Does MateAI require my credit card information to start?
Does MateAI generate copy for emails?
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Is MateAI featured on Product Hunt?
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How can MateAI help improve my copywriting capabilities?
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