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Assistance for writing emails.
Generated by ChatGPT is a tool that leverages OpenAI’s Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) technology to improve the productivity of email users. It allows users to send their OpenAI API key to [email protected] to get started.

Once setup, users can use the tool to write emails, summarize long threads, and more from any email client. The tool is secure and does not store or log emails, and only uses the API key to authenticate users. is also supported by @mikesoylu for feedback and bug reports.


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Pros and Cons


Works with any email client
Summarizes long text threads
Does not store emails
Does not log emails
Uses API key for authentication
Supported by individual (@mikesoylu)
Has feedback/reporting system
Privacy preservation
Automates email construction
Improves email productivity
Easy setup process
Secure authentication with API key
Accessible customer support
GPT leveraged for increased accuracy


Single support contact
Email-based setup
No specified interface
No multi-user support
Unclear error reporting
Possible delay via email
Relies on external email client
No localisation options
No offline capabilities


What is
How does improve the productivity for email users?
What kind of AI technology does use?
How can I get started with
Is it possible to use with any email client?
Does store or log my emails?
Why do I need to send my OpenAI API key to
How does use the OpenAI API key?
Can I use to write my emails?
What else can I do with apart from email writing?
Can help me summarize long email threads?
Is it safe to use my OpenAI API key with
Do I need to create a new dedicated key for
How secure is
How can I report bugs or provide feedback for
Who supports for feedback and bug reports?
Can be used for more than just email writing and thread summarising?
Does have support for other languages apart from English?
How well does's AI understand the context of an email?
Does run on a subscription model?

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