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Enhance your writing with our AI E-mail assistant.
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Friday is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered app designed to assist with a wide range of writing tasks. It effectively enhances communication by providing personalized suggestions and assistance in story telling.

The app accommodates a variety of users including students, professionals, or individuals who aspire to improve their writing skills. Users can benefit from its features in a range of writing scenarios such as writing cover letters, day off requests, meeting arrangements, late for work explanations, resignation letters, pay increase requests, summarizing documents and even generating strong passwords.

Furthermore, Friday offers a rephrasing function that helps make your text more coherent and clear. The app uses advanced AI technology, such as GPT-4 capabilities, for proofreading and grammar checking, as well as making suggestions for improvements.

The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms making it accessible for a wider audience. Friday's AI technology enables it to understand the users' needs and assist them efficiently and effectively.


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Friday Email was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 22nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized writing suggestions
Wide-range writing tasks coverage
Tailored for diverse users
Cover letter writing assistant
Helps with day off requests
Meeting arrangement writing aid
Late-for-work explanation assistant
Resignation letter drafting tool
Pay increase request helper
Document summarizing tool
Generates strong passwords
Offers rephrasing function
GPT-4 proofreading capabilities
Advanced grammar checking
Improvement suggestions feature
Available on iOS, Android
Versatile usage scenarios
Provides storytelling assistance
Effective email composition tool
Simulates professional communication
Good for education enhancement
1M+ active users
10M+ generated e-mails
4.9/5 average user rating
5 sec average response time
Effortless email writing
Clear request determination
Can write famous quotes
User reviews feature
Highly recommended by users
Multiple subscription packages suggested
Smart reminders feature
Voice input support
Intuitive user interface
Appreciated by app developers
Saves time
Helps stay organized
Improves writing skills
Error-free document generation
Auto-completes emails
Understands voice commands
Helps manage inbox
Boosts email writing efficiency
Easy start, no credit card required
Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Refund Policy available


No desktop version
Needs internet connectivity
No voice input mentioned
No multilingual support
Doesn't generate text drafts
Limited writing scenario options
No user collaboration feature
Lacks data security details
No mentioned integration with other apps
Paywalls not clarified


What is Friday AI all about?
What features does Friday AI offer to enhance communication?
Who can benefit from using the Friday AI app?
How does Friday AI support with writing cover letters, day off requests, or meeting arrangements?
What kind of suggestions does Friday AI provide to improve writing?
How does the rephrasing function in Friday AI work?
What advanced AI technologies like GPT-4 does Friday AI employ?
Is the Friday AI app available on both iOS and Android?
Can Friday AI help in generating strong passwords?
How efficient is Friday AI in understanding user needs?
How can Friday AI assist in writing resignation letters or pay increase requests?
Can Friday AI help in summarizing documents?
Does Friday AI have proofreading and grammar checking capabilities?
How can Friday AI assist in improving my storytelling skills?
Can Friday AI help write emails better and faster?
How does Friday's AI technology work to identify improvements in my writing?
How is Friday's performance rated by its users?
Do I need a credit card to start using Friday AI?
Does Friday AI offer any packages for purchase?
Can Friday AI write emails based on voice commands?

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