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Streamlined email writing with an assistant.
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Addy AI is an AI email assistant that helps users write emails with their preferred style and tone 10x faster than traditional methods. Using Addy AI, users can select from a variety of tones, set a default tone for frequent use, and say goodbye to writer's block.

Addy AI drafts emails according to the conversation context, allowing users to save time and energy. According to their customers, Addy AI has saved over 220,000 hours of time.

The AI assistant is available for free and can be downloaded as a Chrome extension. It is currently in beta and has received positive feedback from entrepreneurs, executives, real estate managers, and basketball coaches.

Addy AI is a great tool for those looking to streamline their email writing process and save time.

Addy AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Emails written 10x faster
Variety of available tones
Set preferred tone as default
Drafts emails based on context
Saves users significant time
Available as Chrome extension
Positive feedback from diverse users
Helps overcome writer's block
Free to use
Customizable email styles
Listed saved time (220,000+ hours)
Useful for professionals and executives
Facilitates faster email response
Streamlines email writing process


Only available as Chrome extension
In beta phase
No mobile app available
Limited tone options
No multi-language support
Can't personalize email templates
Lack of integration with email clients
Requires frequent updates
No offline mode of operation
Lack of robust privacy settings


What is Addy AI?
How can I download Addy AI?
What features does Addy AI offer?
How can Addy AI improve my email efficiency?
What is the benefit of using Addy AI?
How does Addy AI draft emails?
Can I select the tone of my emails through Addy AI?
Does Addy AI remember my preferred tone for future emails?
Can I use Addy AI to write personal emails?
Is Addy AI available for free?
How has Addy AI been reviewed by its users?
How much time has Addy AI saved its users?
How does Addy AI help eliminate writer's block?
Can Addy AI be integrated into my email system?
Is Addy AI still in its beta phase?
How can I set a default tone in Addy AI?
Is there a variety of tones to choose from in Addy AI?
What types of professionals find Addy AI helpful?
Can Addy AI add a different tone to each email I write?
Where can I find the Addy AI Chrome extension?


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