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Generated personalized email campaigns using data.
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Klynk is an AI-powered tool for creating customizable and data-driven email campaigns designed specifically for GTM (Go-To-Market) teams. The tool offers context-specific inputs for marketing, sales, and customer success use cases, as well as pre-built campaigns for GTM models such as SaaS, PLG, PLS, and more.

Klynk allows users to create multiple email campaigns effortlessly with customized prompts and easy integration with leading CRM and email platforms. With Klynk's Chrome extension, users can construct personalized campaigns for specific personas, use cases, and sequences tailored to meet their goals.

Klynk's AI automatically generates copy based on CRM and marketing automation data, enabling users to craft winning campaigns in minutes. The tool also offers pre-built integrations with billing, analytics, and support systems to create data-driven campaigns.

Klynk provides a "free forever" plan and offers premium plans for those wanting to take their email campaigns to the next level. Klynk users have reported creating custom high-impact successful GTM and email campaigns with the tool that helped them beat their growth goals in less time with more efficiency.

Klynk was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 3rd 2023.
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Jun 28, 2023
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Klynk works really well.

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Pros and Cons


Creates personalized email campaigns
Context-specific inputs
Pre-built campaigns for GTM models
Effortless campaign creation
Customizable prompts
Chrome extension
Bespoke email sequences
CRM and marketing automation integration
Integrations with billing, analytics, support systems
Free-forever plan
Premium plans available
High success reported by users
Saves time, increases efficiency
Specific persona targeting
SaaS, PLG, PLS models support
Easy CRM and email platform integration
Data-driven campaigns
Custom, high-impact email cadences
Multiple GTM functions handling
Campaign personalization
Customization for specific personas, use cases
Pre-built CRM, email platform integrations
Ready-made email pushing
Customized prompts for GTM models
Create email in minutes
Easy setup for multiple sequences
Tone customization for audiences
Role, title, industry-based personalization
Easy setup for free trials
Discount offer email creation
Industry-specific keyword embedding
Smooth CRM, email system integration


Specific to Chrome extension
Doesn't support non-GTM models
Potentially limited copy variations
Lack of disclosed security measures
No mobile app availability
May require CRM and marketing data
Integration limited to certain platforms
No language customization options
Free plan may be limited
No disclosed offline functionality


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Can I create customized campaigns for specific personas using Klynk?
How can I create high-impact successful GTM and email campaigns using Klynk?
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