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WriteNow AI

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Content gen & automation for bus. & individuals.
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WriteNow AI is a content generation tool for individuals, professionals, and small business owners. It uses OpenAI GPT3 technology for natural language generation.

It has the ability to generate replies to emails and contextual replies based on the thoughts entered into the tool, making it a useful time-saving tool for Microsoft Outlook users.

Additionally, WriteNow AI has a business profiling feature that provides easily created content tailored to fit the needs of any small business or startup.

It offers more than 25 templates, including blog posts, essays, Google ads, and SEO plans. Users can select a template, fill in the required fields, and generate content within minutes.

The tool provides content suggestions to help users write engaging content to connect with their clients. WriteNow AI is user-friendly and has a straightforward interface, making it simple to use.

It offers a free trial with 5,000 free words, making it easy for anyone to create their own content and evaluate the tool's effectiveness. Overall, WriteNow AI is a practical content generation tool for businesses and individuals looking to automate the content-creation process and free up time to focus on other important aspects of their work.

WriteNow AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates email replies automatically
Contextual replies via thoughts entry
Useful time-saving for Outlook users
Business profiling feature
Tailored content creation for businesses
25+ handy templates
Covers blog posts, ads, SEO plans
Content suggestion feature
User-friendly interface
Minimal interface learning curve
5000 free words during trial
Straightforward content generation process
Specifically tailored for small businesses
Professionals and individual usage
Easily generate long-form content
Gives professional context specific replies
Integrates directly into Microsoft Outlook
Facilitates decision making
Efficient communication tool
Ability to manage multiple business profiles
Helps in brand summaries creation
Enabled product descriptions
Assist in SEO Plans
Promotes Google Ads creation
Generates flexible business content
Free trial available
Saves significant amount of time
Makes bloggers and content writing simple
Enhances productivity in content generation
Assists in social media profiling
Automates content creation process
Accelerates email response time
Enhances customer engagement via content
Lightens personal and professional communication load
Enables efficient content marketing
Tailors your Tinder Profile


Limited to Outlook integration
Only offers GPT-3 technology
Limited template variety
No customization of templates
Free trial word count limit
Doesn't have multi-language support
Lack of advanced editing tools
One-size-fits-all business profiling
No API available
Lacks comprehensive user guide


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How can WriteNow AI benefit businesses and individuals?
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How does WriteNow AI integrate with Microsoft Outlook?
How many free words does WriteNow AI offer in its free trial?
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Can WriteNow AI generate long-form content like blog posts and essays?
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Does WriteNow AI have a straight forward interface?
How can I contact the WriteNow AI team?
Where can I access WriteNow AI's knowledge base?


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