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Generated emails improve productivity.
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Hiwriter is an AI tool that uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model to generate appropriate and clear emails in seconds without having to think. It offers auto email generation, personalized email inputs, email reply generation, style and tone selector, translation feature, edit feature, regenerate feature, and works great on mobile devices.

Hiwriter brings the power of GPT-3 to Gmail™, allowing users to write appropriate emails and replies without taxing their brains. To use the tool, simply select an email topic, add some details, and select the style and tone of the email.

Hit generate and the email is ready to be sent, edited, or translated. Hiwriter can generate emails in multiple languages and provides a mobile-optimized interface for use on any device.

Furthermore, Hiwriter offers an "improve" feature that is coming soon; this feature will suggest a better version of an email written by the user, with improved vocabulary, sentence structure, and clarity.

Hiwriter guarantees users privacy and protection by displaying their privacy policy on its website. Overall, Hiwriter is an excellent AI tool for anyone who wants to generate clear and appropriate emails in seconds without having to spend too much time and effort thinking about how to structure them effectively.

Hiwriter was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Auto email generation
Personalized email inputs
Email reply generation
Style and tone selector
Translation feature
Edit feature
Regenerate feature
Mobile optimization
Multi-language support
Coming soon: Improve feature
Privacy policy explicitly stated
Free and easy to use
Adaptable to email context
Generates emails in seconds
Works in Gmail
Installation instructions provided
Saves time and effort
Usable on PC and mobile
Appropriate for business and personal emails
Compatible with multiple languages
Improves vocabulary, structure, clarity
Enables fast and efficient communication
Preserves user voice and style
Can edit generated emails
Allows multiple email variations
Supports improved written communication
Helps manage email tasks easily


Dependent on Gmail
Limited style/tone customization
Feature-under-construction: 'Improve'
Lack of integration features
Access restricted on other email services
Lack of on-premise deployment
No mention of offline ability
Absence of API information
Lack of bulk content capabilities


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How does the 'email reply generation' feature in Hiwriter work?
What is the 'style and tone selector' feature of Hiwriter?
How can I translate emails using Hiwriter?
How can I edit the generated emails in Hiwriter?
What is the 'regenerate' feature in Hiwriter?
How does Hiwriter work on mobile devices?
Can Hiwriter generate emails in multiple languages?
How does the 'improve' feature work in Hiwriter?
How does Hiwriter ensure user privacy and protection?
How can I get Hiwriter from the Workspace Marketplace?
Does Hiwriter work within Gmail?
Are there any costs associated with using Hiwriter?
Can Hiwriter suggest a better version for the email I wrote?
What is Hiwriter's privacy policy?
How to use the multi-language feature in Hiwriter?


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