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Assisted email writing with tone & autocomplete.
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ComposeMate is a Chrome extension that utilizes AI technology to assist users in writing perfect emails quickly and easily. With its cutting-edge GPT-3.5 API, ComposeMate analyzes the user's writing and suggests the best tone to use for their message, making it easier to communicate professionally and effectively.

Additionally, ComposeMate's autocomplete feature completes the user's sentences, saving them time and reducing stress. The tool is easily customizable to suit the user's specific needs and preferences, making every email unique and tailored to their brand.

With ComposeMate, users can integrate their own OpenAI API key for full control over their data and usage. The tool is a one-time payment with lifetime access, making it a cost-effective solution for anyone wanting to improve their email writing skills.

ComposeMate is compatible with Gmail, Outlook, and other services, with users adding their own as well. The extension will help reduce writing mistakes while increasing productivity, allowing users to complete more tasks in less time.

If you're tired of struggling with email writing, ComposeMate is the ultimate sidekick you need to upgrade your email game, with a 70% off at checkout using code DEAMHOV.


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ComposeMate was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
GPT-3.5 API integration
Tone detection
Autocomplete sentences
Tools customization
One-time payment, lifetime access
Works with Gmail, Outlook
Increase productivity
Reduce writing mistakes
Emails tailored to brand
Full data and usage control
Add your own email services
70% off with code DEAMHOV
Helps build better relationships
Saves time and reduces stress
Improves communication
Lower cost compared to competition
Required JavaScript


Requires JavaScript
Chrome extension only
Limited integration options
No free trial
Single payment, no subscription
No continuous updates
Limited customization options


What is ComposeMate?
How can ComposeMate help me write better emails?
How does the tone detection feature in ComposeMate work?
What is GPT-3.5 API and how does ComposeMate utilize it?
Can ComposeMate be customized according to my needs?
What email services is ComposeMate compatible with?
How does ComposeMate's autocomplete feature work?
Can ComposeMate integrate with my own OpenAI API key?
What's the pricing model for ComposeMate? Is there a monthly subscription needed?
How can ComposeMate help me to reduce email writing mistakes?
Can ComposeMate make my email writing process faster and more efficient?
How is privacy handled in ComposeMate?
What kind of tone suggestions does ComposeMate offer?
Is Javascript required to activate ComposeMate?
How does ComposeMate's one-time payment model compare to other AI email tools?
What do I need to do to avail the discount offer on ComposeMate?
Is there any additional service provided with the purchase like installation guide or source code?
What is the process to apply my own OpenAI API key in ComposeMate?
Can ComposeMate predict and complete entire emails or just sentences?
Do I need to manually apply the suggestions made by ComposeMate or are they automatically implemented?


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