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Enhanced email management and composition platform.
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Quickeee is an all-in-one platform designed to streamline email management and enhance productivity. It integrates with popular email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Zoho, and Outlook, allowing users to efficiently manage their emails directly from the Quickeee interface.Utilizing advanced AI technologies, Quickeee offers powerful tools for email composition and optimization.

The AI-powered email rewriting feature helps users quickly rewrite and optimize their email content, making them more concise, clear, and professional.

It provides suggestions for rewriting emails, improving their overall quality and effectiveness.Quickeee also offers quick response suggestions, saving users time and effort when composing replies to inbound emails.

It provides suitable response suggestions for various contexts, ensuring prompt and appropriate communication.The tool includes grammar and tone adjustment capabilities, ensuring that emails are grammatically correct and set in the right tone for different professional situations.

It helps users maintain a professional writing style and improve the overall quality and effectiveness of their emails.Furthermore, Quickeee offers email sentiment analysis, enabling users to understand the sentiment of incoming emails and craft appropriate responses accordingly.

This helps users effectively manage their communication and maintain positive relationships.Another innovative feature of Quickeee is email summarization, which automatically generates concise summaries of incoming emails.

This allows users to quickly grasp the main points of their emails and prioritize their responses.Quickeee's integrated email functionality enables users to manage their emails directly from the platform, eliminating the need to switch between different email providers.Overall, Quickeee revolutionizes email workflow by leveraging AI technology to enhance email composition, response generation, grammar and tone adjustment, sentiment analysis, and summarization.

It caters to the needs of business professionals, customer service teams, marketing, and sales teams, helping them manage their emails efficiently and ensuring clear and professional communication.

Quickeee was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Integrates with Gmail, Yahoo, Zoho, Outlook
Email rewriting feature
Quick response suggestions
Grammar and tone adjustment
Email sentiment analysis
Email summarization feature
Manage emails from Quickeee
Enhances professional communication
Efficient workflow
Various pricing plans
Premium customer support for Peregrine plan
Early access waitlist
Personalizes outbound communication
Ensures clarity and quality of communication
Efficient in customer service response
Saves time and effort
Improves email effectiveness
Helps maintain professional writing style
Enables quick understanding of emails
Aids in crafting suitable responses


Limited email provider integration
Requires subscription for use
Capped email limit on plans
No free trial advertised
No premium customer support for lower plans
May not respect original writing style
Sentiment analysis may not be 100% accurate


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How can Quickeee's email sentiment analysis help me?
What is email summarization in Quickeee? How does it work?
How does Quickeee's integrated email functionality improve my workflow?
How can Quickeee help business professionals and teams?
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What features does Quickeee offer to enhance email composition?
How can Quickeee help in maintaining professional writing style in emails?
How can the features of Quickeee improve the effectiveness of my emails?
What are the pricing options for Quickeee?
Is there a limit on the number of emails I can handle with a Quickeee subscription?
Is Quickeee suitable for use by customer service, sales and marketing teams?
How can I join the waitlist for early access to Quickeee?


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