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Your platform for efficient email management.
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Quickeee is a comprehensive email management platform designed to streamline email workflows by integrating with popular email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Zoho, and Outlook.

It employs advanced AI technologies for efficient email handling right from its interface. Users can leverage Quickeee's AI-powered features to enhance their email productivity.

These features include email rewriting, which aids users in optimizing their email's content and making it more concise, clear, and professional. The platform also provides quick response suggestions for inbound emails, promoting quicker and more appropriate replies.

Another remarkable feature is the AI-driven grammar and tone adjustment which ensures that the emails are grammatically correct and maintain an appropriate professional tone.

With the sentiment analysis feature, Quickeee helps assess the sentiment of incoming emails to assist in crafting suitable responses. Additionally, the email summarization tool uses advanced AI technology to generate precise summaries of incoming emails, enhancing comprehension and response time.

Quickeee's integrated email functionality allows direct connection with popular email providers, enabling users to manage their emails directly from the Quickeee platform.

It can be used by business professionals, customer service teams, and marketing & sales teams to manage their inboxes more effectively, quickly respond to queries, and ensure polished, personalized communication.

Quickeee was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Streamlines email management
Integrates with popular email providers
Offers response suggestions
Grammar and tone adjustments
Sentiment analysis capability
Email summarization
Direct email management from platform
Help professionals maintain writing style
Quickly grasp email main points
Eliminates need to switch email platforms
Enhances professional communication
Optimized for business professionals
Optimized for customer service teams
Optimized for marketing teams
Optimized for sales teams
Improves effectiveness of emails
Means for personalizing bulk emails
Affordable pricing tiers
Premium customer support
Email count based plans
Email quality and clarity improvement
Email coherence improvement
Prompt response suggestions
Context-based response suggestion
Assists response prioritization
Maximizes email comprehension
Reduces misunderstanding and miscommunication
Aids in building positive relationships
Efficient email workflow revolution
Improves email crafting speed
Automatic email summary
Enhances overall email productivity
Supports email productivity scaling
Encourages concise communication
Improves clarity on email pain points
Grammar and tone correctness
Response generation for inbound emails
Contextually accurate response ideas
Transforms simple drafts into impactful emails
Email sentiment interpretation
Minimizes misunderstandings in communication
Seamless Gmail, Yahoo, Zoho and Outlook integration
Craft better emails faster
Useful for handling influx of emails
Refines your language in emails
Ensures every message hits the mark


Limited email provider integrations
Monthly emails are capped
No free user options
Lacks customisability features
No mentioned collaboration features
Predictive replies may lack personalization
May overlook email nuances
No multiple language support mentioned
No premium customer support for lower plans


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