ChatGPT for Figma 2023-05-16
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Figma plugin for text generation and manipulation.
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The Simple ChatGPT Plugin is a language generation tool used in the Figma Community platform. It allows users to change any text through the plugin and ask ChatGPT to perform different text generation tasks, such as translating text, adding fake reviews, or generating other types of text.

The tool is designed to streamline text generation processes by allowing users to access ChatGPT's robust natural language processing capabilities directly within the Figma platform.

The plugin is created by Tommy Jepsen, an AI and technology enthusiast, and has been used by over 4.5k Figma Community users to date. The plugin is part of a suite of AI-powered tools by the same creator, including Figma Translator and Simple WCAG 2.1 color contrast checker, amongst others.

The ChatGPT technology that powers this plugin is a large language model, meaning it has been trained on vast amounts of data to allow it to perform various text-based tasks.

Users can easily access the plugin through Figma's plugin library and can apply it to any text element in their designs. In summary, the Simple ChatGPT Plugin is an AI-powered text generation tool that can be used within the Figma Community platform to complete various text-based tasks, providing users with a streamlined workflow for generating and manipulating text.


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Simple ChatGPT Plugin was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Text manipulation in Figma
Various text generation tasks
Streamlines text processes
Direct access in Figma
Large language model
Plugin application to any text
Easy access in Figma Library
Translation feature
Adds fake reviews
Used by 4.5k users


Limited to Figma platform
Potential language model bias
Reliance on single developer
Lack of transparency in algorithms
Risk of generating inappropriate content
Possible inaccuracies in text generation
No offline usage
Difficult to customize output
Updated infrequently
No clear privacy policy


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How can I access the Simple ChatGPT Plugin in Figma?
Can the Simple ChatGPT Plugin be applied to any text element in my designs?
How does the Simple ChatGPT Plugin help streamline my workflow?
Can the Simple ChatGPT Plugin translate text?
Is it possible to generate fake reviews with the Simple ChatGPT Plugin?
What kind of tasks can the Simple ChatGPT Plugin help me with?
Where can I find other AI tools created by Tommy Jepsen?
Is the Simple ChatGPT Plugin a large language model?
Is this plugin useful for text generation and manipulation?
What kind of data has the ChatGPT technology been trained on?
Can I generate different types of text using the Simple ChatGPT Plugin?
Is there a version history available for the Simple ChatGPT Plugin?

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