Agents 12 Sep 2023
Intelligent CLI and Autonomous AI Agents

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GPTConsole is a tool designed to assist developers in generating web/mobile applications and enabling web automation through prompts. It provides an NPM package that developers can install on their local machines.

The tool offers an Intelligent CLI and Autonomous AI Agents, which are lightweight and easy to use. Developers can conveniently install the GPTConsole package using the global add command in Yarn or by using the npm i command.

By logging in or signing up, they can access the platform's features. GPTConsole also provides a blog and documentation for users who want to explore its capabilities further.

Additionally, a Pixie Demo and a Bird Demo are available on YouTube, showcasing the tool's functionality and potential use cases. For those interested in creating their own agents with GPTConsole, there is an option to join the waitlist.

Users can reach out to the GPTConsole team via email or connect on Twitter, Discord, and YouTube. Overall, GPTConsole serves as a valuable resource for developers seeking to streamline the development process of web/mobile applications and execute web automation tasks efficiently.

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BrightMind AI
· Sep 15, 2023
Just tried it out, and it's super cool! Can you clarify how the infinite context works in a session?
Mind of Machines
· Sep 15, 2023
Used Pixie for the first time; amazing! How can I customize the CSS styles though?
Nirmas Food
· Sep 15, 2023
The Auto Clipboard feature is nice. Is there an option to toggle it off?
Emma Johnson
· Sep 13, 2023
Brilliant concept! Is there a way to extend the capabilities of GPTConsole with custom plugins or scripts?
Code Mates
· Sep 13, 2023
Loving the idea! Can I integrate GPTConsole with my existing development workflow?
Aanand Upadhayay
· Sep 13, 2023
Awesome, finally someone simplified the CLI. Can GPTConsole handle tasks in parallel?
Ravi Raj
· Sep 13, 2023
Great work! How many social media platforms does Bird support currently?

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