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CircleChat is an AI tool that provides a platform for creating GPT agents that work together on your objective. The tool allows you to chat with multiple AI agents that bring in various perspectives to collaboratively solve your goal.

CircleChat is designed to generate goals and personas in settings, enabling users to start conversations with the agents. The tool requires users to sign in to continue and is free to use.The main purpose of CircleChat is to help users leverage the combined intelligence of multiple AI models to solve complex problems collaboratively.

The tool uses GPT-3 language models to create AI agents that can communicate with humans, allowing users to gain different perspectives and insights into a particular problem or subject.

The agents can provide suggestions, feedback and help provide solutions to specific issues.CircleChat has a simple user interface with a start conversation button that users can click to start chatting with the agents.

The tool is geared towards individuals and businesses, and it can be used in areas such as customer service, marketing, research, and development. Overall, CircleChat is a useful AI tool for those who want to leverage multiple AI models for collaborative problem-solving.


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Sep 5, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Multiple GPT agents collaboration
Goal-focused conversations
Caters to diverse settings
Generates goals and personas
Free to use
Inter-human communication
Multi-perspective solutions
User-friendly interface
Easily start conversations
Ideally suited for businesses
Helpful for customer service
Useful for marketing research
Feedback provision by agents
Personalized user experience
Enables complex problem-solving


Requires sign-in
No offline usage
JavaScript dependent
No API access
Not open-source
No mobile version
Limited customization options
No multi-language support


What is CircleChat?
What does CircleChat do?
Who can use CircleChat?
In what fields can CircleChat be applied?
How can CircleChat contribute to problem solving?
What types of tasks can CircleChat assist with?
How does CircleChat utilise GPT-3 language models?
How do I start a conversation with CircleChat?
What are the CircleChat's specific features for task and goal generation?
What is a GPT Agent in the context of CircleChat?
Can I have multiple chats with different AI Agents in CircleChat?
What are the 'Personas' and 'Settings' sections in CircleChat?
Why do I need to enable JavaScript to use CircleChat?
Does CircleChat provide suggestions and feedback?
Is CircleChat a free tool?
Are there specific sign in requirements or restrictions for CircleChat?
How does CircleChat's user interface function?
What is the main purpose of the 'Start Conversation' button on CircleChat?
What type of support is available when using CircleChat?
How does CircleChat generate goals and personas?

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