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Delegated tasks performed by autonomous agents.
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Spell is an AI tool that allows users to delegate their daily tasks to autonomous AI agents with plugins. The plugin empowered agents are powered by GPT4 and can help users transform their daily work with innovative and intuitive AI tools.

With Spell, users can perform a variety of tasks like finding and summarizing trending AI research, generating tweets, creating CSV with remote-first companies' contact information, and performing SEO audits.

Spell has an Autonomous Agents feature allowing spawning one or more independent agents that work towards resolving a user's problem. The AI agents are web-enabled, plugin-enabled and can run in parallel, reducing the time taken for completing tasks.

Additionally, Prompt Variables allow putting user ideas, data, or topics in the prompt and pressing play, enabling content transformation using the power of AI.

Spell also has a vast library of curated prompts and templates in categories like marketing, software engineering, and content creation, among others.Plugin-rich features of Spell include Stock Researcher, Travel Planner, Fitness Coach, Market Research, Company Researcher, Business Plan, and Essay Writer.

For personalized use, users can subscribe to the Personal, Professional, and Expert Spell plans and enjoy AI agents, over 100 plugins, GPT3.5, GPT4, curated prompts, prompt variables, and priority support.

Users on the professional and expert plans can share prompts, link and collaborate with their teams while conducting their tasks using Spell.AI.

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ยท Jun 19, 2023
Spell is currently #1 in the AI Agent arena

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Pros and Cons


Parallel running agents
Prompt Variables feature
Vast library of prompts
100+ plugins available
Access to GPT3.5 and GPT4
Personalized subscription plans
Collaboration in professional and expert plans
Tasks sharing ability
Different tasks performing capabilities
Stock Researcher plugin
Travel Planner Plugin
Fitness Coach Plugin
Market Research Plugin
Company Researcher Plugin
Business Plan Plugin
Essay Writer Plugin
Cover letter creation
SEO audit performance
CSV creation for remote-first companies
Prompt and templates library
Competitor analysis capability
Agent enhancement with plugins
Link sharing for good prompts
AutoGPT for advanced tasks
Curated templates collection
Team collaboration feature
200 free credits for trial
Billed monthly and annually options
Accessible priority support
Upgradable or cancellable subscription


No offline functionality
Only supports English
Requires subscription for advanced features
Agents could over-simplify complex tasks
No option for on-premises version
Dependent on GPT4 availability
Uncertain quality of research outcomes
No clear data privacy policy
Only web-access agent modification


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How does the parallel operation of AI agents in Spell help in task completion?
What plugins are available in Spell and what are their functionalities?
What are the different subscription plans for Spell and what features do they offer?
What is the nature of support provided under the 'Priority Support' feature of Spell's subscription plans?
Can I collaborate with my team using Spell?
How does the Stock Researcher plugin in Spell work?
How can I use Spell for planning a trip or managing fitness goals?
How does the use of GPT4 technology enhance the performance of Spell?
How can I use Spell for tasks like market research and creating a business plan?
What are the capabilities of the Company Researcher and Essay Writer plugins in Spell?
What types of templates and prompts are available in Spell's library?
How can I use Spell for SEO audits?
What are the benefits of using Spell's Autonomous Agents feature?
Can Spell assist me in generating tweets or summarize AI research?
Are there any promotional offers or free trials available for Spell?

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