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DTC product research insights.
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Insights Analyst is an AI-powered research agent designed for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. By importing product reviews, users can give the tool any research task they want and receive an answer in seconds.

Insights Analyst is capable of executing various analytical tasks such as identifying the most frequently mentioned positive and negative features of a product, seasonal review sentiment trends, and specific product variants that receive better or worse reviews.

Additionally, Insights Analyst can assist in content creation such as drafting press releases, creating product descriptions that address concerns raised in low star reviews, and writing product demo video scripts that emphasize benefits loved by highly rated reviewers.

Insights Analyst is part of the Octane AI platform, which provides customizable opt-in tools and quizzes to collect customer insights and grow marketing lists faster, product recommendations to solve customer problems, and personalized marketing to build lifelong relationships with customers.

The Octane AI platform is Shopify Plus certified, and the Insights Analyst has a 4.9 Shopify rating. Overall, Insights Analyst provides DTC brands with a unique tool to conduct research tasks quickly and efficiently, providing valuable insights that can be used to improve product quality and generate more sales through effective marketing.

Octane AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Fast research task results
Identifies positive and negative features
Identifies seasonal review sentiment trends
Highlights high rated product variants
Aids in content creation
Assists in drafting press releases
Writes product descriptions based on reviews
Creates product demo scripts
Suggests new product lines
Analyses target demographics
Proposes strategies to reduce returns
Develops personas for constructive critics
Creates buyer personas from positive feedback
Handles promotional content creation
Personal Shopper (Quiz) integration
Shopify Plus certified
4.9 Shopify rating
Customer insights through quizzes
Marketing list growth tools
Customizable opt-in tools
Product recommendations
Personalized marketing tools
Assists in lifelong customer relationships
Conversational Pop-ups
Designed for DTC brands
Advanced CSS customization
Klaviyo and headless builds integration
Aligns data with email and paid media platforms
Customizable pathways and designs
Advanced quiz building and analytics
High email revenue outcome
Reduces return rates
Help with quiz building


Reports delivery time unspecified
No non-Shopify integrations
Limited to DTC brands
Strictly product-review based
Can't analyze non-review data
No data visualization support
No multi-language support
Shopify Plus certification bias
No on-premise solution
Parallel processing unspecified

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