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Improved review management and widget design.
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EmbedSocial's AI Reviews is a reviews management tool designed to assist companies in acquiring more reviews, responding to hundreds of reviews, and designing custom reviews widgets.

Utilizing AI-powered technology, the tool includes features such as AI Reviews Summary Card which summarizes all reviews in the widget, SEO Snippet for search engine optimization, and Request Emails for review collection.

EmbedSocial's AI Reviews tool integrates with various platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, and Slack, and is catered towards industries such as agencies, automotive, startups, and hotels.

The tool's AI integration enables faster response to reviews, increased reviews collection, and can be used to design the most effective reviews widget, regardless of design experience.

Additionally, users can save time and money by reusing review stories on their website. EmbedSocial's free reviews widget is also available to users. The product is available for a monthly subscription fee and a product bundle is available for those interested in using all of EmbedSocial's products.

Overall, the AI Reviews tool is a comprehensive solution for enhancing reviews management, acquiring more reviews, and designing custom reviews widgets via AI technology.


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AI Reviews was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Improved review management
Custom widget design
Acquire more reviews
Quickly respond to reviews
SEO Snippet feature
Request Emails for reviews
Integrates with multiple platforms
Fits various industries
Saves time and money
Free reviews widget available
Monthly subscription or bundle
Reviews collection assistant
Review stories reuse
Personalized, automatic replies
Custom CSS styles
Social media reviews
Review widgets creation
Cancellation anytime
Money-back guarantee
Good client testimonials
Collect forms feature
Email reviews feature
Built-in reviews form
Reviews for agencies
Reviews for automotive
Reviews for startups
Reviews for hotels
Facebook Reviews Widget
Google Reviews Widget
Yelp Reviews feature
Review Templates available
Reviews Badges available
Google Reviews drawer
Flexible design options
Supports major social media
Google Reviews Grid
Facebook Reviews Table
Floating Facebook Badge


Monthly subscription required
Limited design customization
Not all industries supported
Limited platform integrations
Needs better review aggregation
Inconsistent widget performance
No free option available
Limited widget designs
No stand-alone mobile app

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