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ByLang Cao
Legal Expert in reviewing Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
Sample prompts:
I'm the recipient party. Draft me an NDA
How can I improve this part of my contract?
Explain this legal term in my party
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NDA (Mutual) Review Master is a GPT designed to automate the review of Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements. This tool essentially serves as a digital legal expert powered by LegalNow.

It aims to assist users particularly in the complex task of reviewing legal documents such as mutual NDAs. This GPT is also competent to answer questions, provide clarifications, suggest improvements, and give comprehensive explanations on the legal terminologies included in your contract.

When users prompt with 'I'm the recipient party. Draft me an NDA,' it responds by providing an appropriate NDA draft. It is also capable of analytically answering queries like 'How can I improve this part of my contract?' or 'Explain this legal term in my party' thus easing the navigation through complex legal languages.

The NDA (Mutual) Review Master prioritizes user understanding of the agreement they are getting into thereby reducing contractual risks.


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NDA (Mutual) Review Master was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 25th 2023.
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