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Automates legal work, redlining, and negotiating contracts better than lawyers.
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Lawgeex is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline legal work by automating the contract review and negotiation process. It acts as an extension of your legal team to provide consistent contract review in a faster and more precise way than traditional legal methods.

Lawgeex reviews and redlines contracts based on your companys policies, ultimately increasing efficiency. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology, designed to function in a similar capacity as an experienced attorney, to add a layer of consistent, error-free review.

Beyond automation, the tool provides valuable analytics to help make data-driven decisions about your legal policies and streamline negotiation processes.

These metrics and insights can offer a clearer understanding of the return on investment for the tool and the efficiency of your team. The platform can also be integrated with your current tech stack for seamless operations.

Lawgeex has developed digital legal playbooks, turning positions, risks, and guidelines into standardized reviews and negotiation processes. This results in consistent practices across an organization.


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Pros and Cons


Automates contract review
Streamlines negotiation process
Company policy-based reviews
Efficiency provider
Error-free review
Data-driven decision support
Valuable legal analytics
Tech stack integration
Digital legal playbooks
Standardized reviews and processes
Experienced attorney-like functionality
Consistent contract practices
ROI Analytics
Speed and precision
Tailored contract Review
Data Security
US patent tech
Metrics and insights supply
Forrester's 209% ROI Report


Requires legal domain knowledge
Limited integration options
Unclear data security measures
May lack customization
No functionalities beyond contracts
Potentially expensive
No multilanguage support
Not designed for individuals
Potential inaccuracy in reviews
Reduced attorney-client engagement


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What analytics does Lawgeex provide?
How does Lawgeex integrate with my current tech stack?
What are Lawgeex's digital legal playbooks?
Does Lawgeex handle risk and compliance management?
How is Lawgeex better than traditional legal methods?
Does Lawgeex offer specialized reviews based on my company’s legal concepts?
How does Lawgeex work with my existing legal team?
How can I measure return on investment for Lawgeex?
What kind of efficiencies can I expect with Lawgeex?
How secure is my data with Lawgeex?
What is the negotiation process using Lawgeex?
Can Lawgeex handle legal process optimization?
What insights can I get about my team's performance from Lawgeex?

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