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Empower your contract review with AI precision.
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SpeedLegal is an AI-powered paralegal tool that offers enhanced contract review capabilities. It enables users to swiftly identify risks, comprehend critical stipulations, and receive personalized advice, hence facilitating more accurate navigation of agreements.

SpeedLegal's core functionalities include identifying contractual risks, understanding important aspects of legal jargon, providing tailored suggestions based on specific contract needs defined by the user, and delivering analytics and actionable insights from your contracts.

The AI can answer contract-related questions in plain, easy-to-understand language and create short, clear summaries to help users understand complex contracts at a glance.

It supports reviewing numerous types of contracts in multiple languages. SpeedLegal also allows users to customize their contract standards to match their business goals and maintain uniformity in each agreement.

It is trusted by lawyers and professionals and has been praised for helping to reduce contract negotiation times, identify key financials faster, and save on outside counsel costs.


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Pros and Cons


Enhanced contract review capabilities
Detects contractual risks
Provides personalized suggestions
Delivers actionable insights
Explains complex legal jargon
Customizable contract standards
Supports multiple languages
Saves on outside counsel costs
Efficient contract negotiation
Contractual questions answered in plain language
Short, clear contract summaries
Identifies key financials faster
Contracts are reviewed swiftly
Streamlined navigation of agreements
Supports various types of contracts
Maintains contract uniformity
Used by professionals and lawyers
Quick risk identification
Easy understandable analytics
Automated reminders
Set contract reviewing 3x faster
Quick spotting of risks
Recommendations for fixing unfavorable terms
Brief overview of contracts
Ability to set specific contract standards
Testimonials from trusted professionals
Analyzed by real lawyers
Alerts for common contract issues
Allowance for standards customization
Highlighted terms in contracts
Easy registration for usage
Various pricing plans
High-security measures for contracts
Provides statistical inferences
Efficiency enhancement
Contract negotiation streamlining
Collaboration with legal teams
Inclusive for underserved communities
Free for individual usage
Designed to work with common law
Provides simplicity to decision-making processes
Contract renewal tracking
Helps organize contracts in one place
Automatic summaries


No offline availability
No free version
Limited language support
May miss subtle legal nuances
Requires internet connection
No integrations mentioned
No mobile application
Not suitable for solopreneurs
Could oversimplify complex agreements
Industry-specific standards unclear


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Does SpeedLegal provide analytics and actionable insights from contracts?
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Can SpeedLegal help identify key financials in contracts faster?
Does SpeedLegal create short and clear summaries of contracts?
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Does SpeedLegal support reviewing numerous types of contracts?
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