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Assistance for understanding smart contracts.
Generated by ChatGPT is a tool designed to help users read and understand smart contracts. With syntax highlighting, dark mode, and support for larger files, aims to make reading smart contracts easier and more visually appealing.

Currently, the tool only supports reading smart contracts on mainnet Ethereum, with plans to support testnets and other chains in the future. If a user encounters a smart contract that isn't working, they can tweet at the team, who will look into the issue.

Additionally, the tool is constantly evolving, with upcoming features including the ability to write to contracts, testnet support, an audit tool, and more.

The tool was created by a team of experienced developers and crypto enthusiasts, including a co-founder with a background in product development, and a UI/UX expert with a passion for designing elegant and practical software.

Overall, aims to simplify the process of reading and comprehending smart contracts, making it a useful tool for anyone working in the field of blockchain development.


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ContractReader was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Syntax highlighting
Dark mode
Support for larger files
Plans for chain expansions
Direct issue reporting via Twitter
Constant updates and improvements
Future write to contracts feature
Testnet support in future
Audit tool in development
Co-founders with strong experience
UI/UX expert in team
Practical and elegant design
Works on Ethereum mainnet
Aims to simplify contract comprehension


Only supports Ethereum mainnet
No testnet support
Limited blockchain compatibility
No write access
Requires Twitter for issues
No integrated audit tool
Not open source
Limited mobile support
No version control


What is
How does help me understand smart contracts?
What is the syntax highlighting feature on
What is the dark mode feature on
Can support large smart contract files?
Does support reading smart contracts on other chains apart from Ethereum?
What should I do if a smart contract isn't working on
How can I contact the team?
What are the future plans for
Is there a feature to write contracts in
Is there a tool for auditing in
Who developed and what are their backgrounds?
Can be used by beginners in blockchain development?
Is mobile support available for
How does make reading and comprehending smart contracts simpler?
Are testnets supported by
What happens if I encounter a problem with
Is useful for anyone outside the field of blockchain development?
What does 'reading more' mean with regards to's larger files support?
How can help me improve my web3 game?


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