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Discover what matters in any contract with Screens
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Screens is an AI-enabled tool that offers advanced contract review services. It utilizes expert attorneys to program AI systems to review contracts similarly to legal professionals.

It's a comprehensive solution designed to assist in discovering what matters in any type of contract. Screens AI programs, built by contract experts, can understand what content should and shouldn't be included in specific contracts under different situations.

This enhances efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in contract management and review by enabling users to focus on what matters most. Apart from providing already published expert screens, it also allows users to create customized screens based on their specific needs.

Users can upload their contracts to Screens, and the tool, combining expert knowledge and AI power, presents back highly relevant and insightful data.

Moreover, Screens offers users the possibility of cataloguing and storing their contracts, simplifying contract management and increasing institutional knowledge.

It ensures data safety with enterprise-grade data security features including regular penetration testing and compliance certification.Moreover, screens highlight the relevant contract sections for easy verification.

Screens also enables constant monitoring of AI's accuracy, helping users understand where to trust the AI and where additional human oversight is needed.Screens offers a free and a pro version, both of which include unlimited custom-built screens and community screens, with the amount of contract uploads per month varying depending on the plan.


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Screens was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 30th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Expert programmed contract analysers
Enables custom-built screens
Smart contract cataloguing
In-depth contract data insights
Enterprise-grade security features
Contract sections highlighted
Offers free version
Unlimited custom screens
Differing contract uploads per plan
Simplifies contract management
Expands institutional knowledge
Features penetration testing and compliance
Utilizes top legal minds
Supports different contract situations
Allows users to create screens
Stores contracts in one place
Provides insanely powerful repository intelligence
Certified Screen Creators feature
Assists in discovering contract essentials
Doesn't use user contract data externally
SOC 2 certified
Enables trust through auditability and accuracy
Allows unlimited collaboration
Non-profits, law students and professors eligible


Limited contract uploads
Dependency on expert attorneys
Custom screen creation complexity
Lack of API integration
Requires manual trust calibration
Lack of multi-language support
Need for constant accuracy monitoring
Expensive Pro version
No mention of mobile support
Scalability concerns


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How does Screens help in managing my contracts?
How does Screens ensure the safety of my data?
How can Screens assist in identifying relevant contract sections?
How does Screens monitor the accuracy of AI?
What's the maximum number of contracts I can upload to Screens in a month?
What's the difference between the free and pro versions of Screens?
Can I also store my contracts using Screens?
Can Screens create a catalogue of my contracts?
How do expert attorneys contribute to the programming of Screens?
Is there an option to become a Certified Screen Creator with Screens?
How does Screens enhance the efficiency of contract management?
Does Screens offer any advanced AI features for legal services?
Are there any enterprise-grade data security features on Screens?
Can Screens help save my time in reviewing contracts?
How can Screens help in discovering what matters in any contract?
What are community screens on Screens and how do they work?

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