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ByGarrett O'Brien
Making sense of sales contracts with human-friendly language.
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How long is this contract effective?
How much insurance am I required to have?
What are the important billing details of the contract?
What are the total fees in this contract?
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ContractGPT is a GPT designed to simplify the process of handling sales contracts. It aims to deconstruct the complexity of contracts using human-friendly language, making it easier for users to understand the content and the details of their contracts.

Users can begin by uploading their contract and asking a question pertinent to the contract. For example, queries related to the contract's effectiveness duration, the required insurance amount, and the billing details.

The tool can also help identify total fees in the contract, illustrating its capabilities to handle nuanced financial details. It is built by the team at Common Paper and operates in conjunction with ChatGPT.

As a GPT, ContractGPT's primary function is to provide clarity in the legal sphere, specifically in the context of sales contracts. Which, in essence, can lead to a better understanding and potentially mitigate risks which might be caused by misinterpretation or misunderstanding of a given paper.


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