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Create prototypes at the speed of thought.
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Prototyper is designed to help you and your team quickly create prototypes and front end design. You can use natural language or images to describe your ideas, and the AI will generate the design for you.

Whether you’re working on a dashboard, issue tracker, or calendar application, Prototyper provides the tools you need. is used by 1000+ customers worldwide, with 98% positive reviews. Free 7 days trail.


1. From prompt to design: Prototyper let's you design UI using natural language.
2. From screenshot to design: Paste in a screenshot or image of a design that you want to replicate and create it within 5 min.
3. React and Tailwind: Prototyper designs user interfaces using React and Tailwind so that you can directly incorporate it into your product environment.
4. Publish to the Web: Prototyper allows you to publish your prototypes directly to the web.
5. Public Workspaces: Manage different organizations, teams, and projects in one place.
6. Collaboration Built-In: Invite team members to your workspace and work on prototypes together.
7. Integrations: Integrate with your own design systems and React components.
8: Interactive Editing: Make real-time changes to the code and see the results instantly.
9. Preview Code Side-by-Side: Seamlessly adjust code while previewing the outcome.
10. Export Code: Import the code into production or publish directly to the web.

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May 20, 2024
Great team. Responsive to your queries. Very professional and helpful. 5 Stars!
May 18, 2024
Great tool to quickly spin up a frontend without having to get into the details! Loved working with it :)

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Pros and Cons


Accelerates prototyping process
Transformation of idea to interface
Generates code from text prompts
Generates code from screenshots
UI iteration feature
Supports multiple coding frameworks
Real-time view of changes
Collaboration features
Interactivity for seamless updates
Easy-to-use for various technical levels
Automatic code generation from design
Natural language comprehension
Infinite iterations feature
Real-time results visualization
Framework-specific code generation
Upload screenshots to generate code
Built-in collaboration system
Supports Tailwind, HTML, React
Side-by-side editor
Real-time code adjustments
Generative UI design
Workspace management
Multiple frameworks support
Streamlines workflow
7B+ and 30B+ Parameter models
Custom branding for Enterprise
High Quality renders
Independent workspaces
Platform APIs
Dedicated support


Sub-optimal collaboration features
Possibly over-simplified for professionals
Lack known integration capabilities
Limited framework flexibility
Lacks in-depth documentation
Specific language comprehension
No custom branding on basic plans
Credit-based usage can be limiting
Limited customization options
Lack of robust API


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Does Wavyr Prototyper allow collaboration among team members?
Is it possible to upload screenshots to Wavyr Prototyper?
How does Wavyr Prototyper handle natural language comprehension?
How user-friendly is Wavyr Prototyper for people new to prototyping?
How does Wavyr Prototyper accelerate the prototyping process?
What does the interactivity feature in Wavyr Prototyper entail?
Can I use Wavyr Prototyper on multiple frameworks?
How does the screenshot upload feature generate the design's code in Wavyr Prototyper?
How does Wavyr Prototyper maintain seamless and real-time integration of code changes?
How does Wavyr Prototyper support the collaboration on prototypes within a team?
What's the implementation process like for a new idea on Wavyr Prototyper?
Does Wavyr Prototyper have different pricing plans?
What support or resources does Wavyr Prototyper offer to users?
Are there any documented examples of Wavyr Prototyper being used in real projects?
What makes Wavyr Prototyper stand out from other AI-driven prototyping tools?

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