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Discover efficient design system component generation.
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Magic Patterns is a tool designed to generate components for design systems. It acts as a frontend assistant, helping users find the perfect component for their needs.

The tool supports various frameworks and libraries, including Radix Themes, Mantine, Shadcn, Chakra UI, HTML, Tailwind, and Inline CSS. Users can browse through a showcase of patterns that have been created by the community, with over 10,000 patterns available and constantly growing.Each pattern is accompanied by a preview, allowing users to see how the component would look in different contexts.

For example, there are previews of a birthday form using Radix Themes and Tailwind, a tweet displayed in a card using HTML and Tailwind, and a login form using Mantine and Inline CSS.

This variety enables users to identify the most suitable component for their specific design requirements.In addition to accessing patterns, users can also engage with the Magic Patterns community.

The tool provides various links to connect with the community, including Twitter, GitHub, and a Slack channel for discussion and collaboration. Furthermore, users are encouraged to provide feedback on the tool through a dedicated feedback submission form.Overall, Magic Patterns offers a valuable resource for designers and developers seeking efficient ways to generate components for their design systems, along with opportunities for community interaction and improvement.


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Oct 31, 2023
I love magic patterns. It helps me be 10x faster with building front end components. Can’t recommend it enough.
Oct 31, 2023
This tool 10x'd my dev workflow speed for designing responsive forms and checkout windows. Highly recommend!
Oct 31, 2023
Love using magic patterns. It has made my front end development 10x faster.
Oct 31, 2023
Great app, use it for developing my side projects at lightning speed

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