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Create wireframe mockups for user experiences.
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Wireframe Designer is an AI-powered tool that allows users to effortlessly create wireframe mockups for both desktop and mobile platforms. It offers a wide variety of components with flexible layouts to match design requirements and unlock more design possibilities.

The tool features real-time result streaming, enabling users to instantly see designs generated component by component for quick feedback and iterations.

One of the unique aspects of Wireframe Designer is its ability to capture contextual information, which allows users to gain deeper insights into the product background and target users.

This helps generate wireframe designs that truly resonate with the audience. The tool aims to elevate the wireframe design process and help create exceptional user experiences.

It offers a Pro version with unlimited inspirations and support for users who want more advanced features.Overall, Wireframe Designer simplifies the wireframe creation process, enabling designers to describe their vision and generate designs with a single click.

While the free version has limitations in terms of layout variations and relevancy to the requested prompt, users find the tool impressive and believe it has the potential to become even stronger with future enhancements such as the option to build webpages and integrate with different design systems and specs.


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Sep 21, 2023
I am having issues on premium. It will state design is completed but it shows a white blank page.

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Pros and Cons


Desktop and mobile support
Variety of components
Flexible layouts
Real-time result streaming
Contextual information capture
Pro version available
Effortless creation process
Fits design requirements
Quick feedback and iterations
Generates resonant designs
Version history available
Supports user vision description
Unlimited inspirations in Pro
Pro enhances design possibilities
Updates description after iterations
Enhanced version has desktop support
Improved components in newer version
Real-time collaboration features
Facilitation of design workshops
Prompt preservation feature
Capable of text-based design
Visual idea generator
Room for future enhancements
Expected webpage building feature
Expected design system integration
Efficient single click design
Tool potential to evolve
Can generate different layouts
Component-based design generation
Impressively user-friendly
Support for community feedback
Historical version information
Checkout and trial available
Real-life user testimonials
Figma community integration
Design system spec functionality


Free version limited
Non-relevant generated designs
Doesn't preserve last prompt
Limited to mobile wireframes
Doesn't understand descriptions correctly
Hangs on 'thinking'
Lack of design system integration
Limited template generation
Unclear usage instructions
Limited component provision


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How does Wireframe Designer simplify the wireframe creation process?
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