Figma layer naming 2022-10-14
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Automatically names Figma design layers.
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Figma Autoname is a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that allows users to automatically rename all of their Figma design layers in one single click, eliminating the need to manually rename each layer.

It is smart enough to detect and prevent renaming of components and instances layers, while still being fast and efficient. The plugin is completely free and open-source, released under the MIT License, and is powered by the Svelte framework.

It has been praised by thousands of designers, including Edgar Navarro, Charles Patterson, and Vitaly Friedman, who have all been amazed by the time-saving and efficiency benefits of the tool.

The plugin is sponsored by Hugging Face and is available for download on the Figma Community website.


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Autoname was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 22nd 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Automatically names Figma layers
Single click operation
Sensible layer renaming
Prevents renaming of components
Fast and efficient
Free to use
Open source
MIT License
Powered by Svelte
Highly rated by designers
Sponsored by Hugging Face
Available on Figma Community
Not renaming components & instances
Community driven
Welcomes contributions
Appreciated by top designers
Supported by reputable sponsor
Made with Svelte framework
Easy layer management
Great for time-saving
One-click workflow enhancement
Fixed unwanted auto-renaming


Only for Figma
Can't rename components, instances
Lacks customization options
Open-source maintenance issues
Performance not tested
Lacks API integration
No mobile version
Operating system compatibility not specified
Lacks user control over renaming
Over-reliance on community contribution


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Is the Figma Autoname tool free?
What entities are sponsoring Figma Autoname?
Is Figma Autoname limited to renaming certain types of Figma layers?
How can I download Figma Autoname?
Is Figma Autoname open-source?
How has Figma Autoname been received by professionals in the design industry?
Does Figma Autoname rename components and instances layers?
How is Figma Autoname powered?
Can I contribute to the development or improvement of Figma Autoname?
What are the efficiency benefits of using Figma Autoname?
How does Figma Autoname detect and prevent renaming of certain layers?
How much time can I save by using Figma Autoname for my design projects?
Can I use Figma Autoname if I am not a professional designer?
What’s the purpose of the star vector on the Figma Autoname website?
What are the licenses under which Figma Autoname is released?
Can I suggest new features for Figma Autoname?
Who has developed Figma Autoname?


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