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Automates Figma design to React code conversion.
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Bifrost is an AI-powered tool that automates the process of turning designs created in Figma into clean React code. It utilizes the same technology as Github Copilot, which enables it to learn how to structure code in the same way as the user.

This means that designers can create and update screens without worrying about messy handoffs and engineers can focus on features that will drive the business forward rather than spending time creating components.

In order to use Bifrost, users create designs in Figma and then generate the code in one click. This code is then dropped directly into Visual Studio Code and can be automatically shipped with any design updates.

Bifrost is currently in alpha and users can join the waitlist to be one of the first to use the tool.


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Bifrost was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates Figma to React conversion
Learns structure code like user
Clean code generation
Reduces engineering time
Enhances designers' efficiency
Supports design updates
One-click code generation
Direct code drop-in Visual Studio
Auto-ships design updates
No new app to learn
Allows design handoff automation
Pixel perfect translation
Empowered teams
Built on Github Copilot Technology
Empowers designers to update
Cuts repetitive components creation


Only supports Figma design
In alpha development stage
No stand-alone application
No multiple programming languages
Lacks manual code editing
Code output only through Visual Studio Code
Direct dependency on Github Copilot
May promote less coding knowledge
Potential security issues
Possibility of generic code structure


What is Bifrost?
How does Bifrost convert Figma designs into React code?
What technology is Bifrost based on?
How does Bifrost learn to structure code like mine?
Can Bifrost reduce engineering time?
How does Bifrost empower designers?
What happens after generating code with Bifrost?
Can Bifrost handle design updates and how?
Is there a new app to learn when using Bifrost?
How can I join the alpha of Bifrost?
Is Bifrost currently available to the general public?
In what ways can Bifrost impact the workflow of a frontend team?
How does Bifrost handle handoffs from design to code?
What does the process of using Bifrost look like?
Which tools are compatible with Bifrost?
Can code generated by Bifrost be directly dropped into Visual Studio Code?
Are there any compromises when making design changes using Bifrost?
Do I need to understand coding to use Bifrost?
Is the code generated by Bifrost clean and easy to handle?
What makes Bifrost different from other design to code tools?

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