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Copy generation for designers using Figma.
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FigCopy is an AI tool designed to help designers quickly generate realistic copy that can be used in their designs. It enables users to turn any dummy text into real copy with personalization options to match their product or services.

Moreover, it allows users to impress their clients and managers with their copywriting “skills”. Additionally, it is equipped with A/B testing option and templates for users to play around with.

The plugin can be installed from the Figma platform and requires JavaScript to be enabled in order to purchase it. It offers 3 free runs of the plugin and an unlimited trial version for a monthly subscription fee of $10.

With the subscription, users will also get an API key to start using the plugin. FigCopy is powered by Akshit.


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FigCopy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates realistic copy
Personalization options
Impresses clients and managers
Equipped with A/B testing
Offers templates
Plugin for Figma platform
JavaScript supported
Subscription based model
3 free plugin runs
Unlimited trial option
Provides API key
Powered by Akshit


Requires JavaScript
Limited free runs
Subscription needed for unlimited use
Only for Figma
Requires installation
API key only with subscription
No in-built copy editing
No real-time collaboration feature
No multi-language support
No offline mode


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How can I install FigCopy from Figma?
What are the requirements to purchase FigCopy?
Does FigCopy offer a free trial?
What's the cost of the unlimited trial version of FigCopy?
What do I get for the monthly subscription fee of $10?
What is the purpose of the API key provided with the FigCopy subscription?
Who powers FigCopy?
How can I impress my clients and managers with my copywriting skills using FigCopy?
How do I turn dummy text into real copy using FigCopy?
Are there any upcoming features in FigCopy?
What does 'give it some context' mean when using FigCopy?
What is the 'Name a fair price' option?
Can I use FigCopy if my JavaScript is disabled?

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