Writing 26 Jan 2023
Writing and communication assistant.

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WritingMate.ai is an AI communications helper and writing companion powered by GPT-3, ChatGPT. WritingMate.ai Chrome browser extension is designed to make communication and writing tasks more efficient and simpler.

This extension provides a range of features that are designed to assist with tasks such as drafting or replying to emails and messages, generating blog posts and other personal content, creating marketing copy, press releases and other work content, writing faster with grammar and translation fixes, and researching more effectively with summarizing, brainstorming and asking questions.

WritingMate.ai was created by Ava Labs, a team of experienced professionals who previously worked at tech unicorns such as People.ai and Palta.com.WritingMate.ai Chrome extension is easy to use and requires only one click to access from any tab.

With this extension, users can save at least 30 minutes daily on various communications and writing-related tasks. WritingMate.ai is a great alternative to other tools such as Wordtune and Jasper.ai.

Users who need assistance or want to provide feedback or feature requests can contact the developer via email. WritingMate.ai is available for free on the Chrome Web Store.


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