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Chrome extension for generating and sharing content.
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Casper AI is a Chrome extension designed to simplify the workflow of professionals by providing them with summarized articles, content creation and sharing insights with stakeholders.

Claiming to unlock the power of AI with OpenAI's GPT's newest models, Casper is aimed at VC analysts, corporate strategists, policymakers and business developers.

The company's principles of simplicity, flexibility, awareness and bias to action provide users with quick and easy access to insights and suggestions, with little effort and technical knowledge.

Casper is designed to live within users' existing workflows, providing them with personalized and relevant content and suggestions. It aims to help users understand, create and share insights easily and switch between news and data sources effortlessly.

The tool ingests data from all open public sources and the user's email to create a holistic data collection system. Casper uses large language models and software to accelerate the pace at which people do their jobs, making their organizations more efficient.

Casper AI claims to remove mundane tasks from knowledge workers' lives, reducing the time spent copy-pasting data from one spreadsheet to another, making decks look prettier, or proofreading the same email multiple times.

However, they note that the company is not liable for generated content. Overall, Casper AI provides a streamlined approach to digital tasks, freeing up user's time to focus on what really matters in their work.


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Casper AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Summarizes articles
Generates content
Shares insights
Aimed at professionals
Incorporates user workflows
Gathers data from open sources
Uses email for data collection
Reduces mundane tasks
Makes organizations more efficient
Holistic data collection system
Accelerates work pace
Personalized and relevant content
Easy switching between data sources
Designed for non-technical users
Ingests public data and news
Prioritizes top insights
Summarizes news into TL;DRs
Focuses on actionable insights
Provides TL;DRs for stakeholders
Not liable for generated content
Increases user awareness of new insights


Only Chrome-compatible
Company not liable for output
Ingests user's email data
Generates in English only
Limited customization options
Potentially high data usage
Personalization issues
Unclear data sources insight
Not specified data privacy


What is Casper AI?
What are the key features of the Casper AI Chrome extension?
Who is the intended audience for Casper AI?
What principles is Casper AI built on?
How does Casper AI fit into my existing workflow?
What types of data does Casper AI collect?
How does Casper AI use AI to improve workflow efficiency?
How does Casper AI aim to remove mundane tasks from work?
What type of content does Casper AI generate and summarize?
How does Casper AI use OpenAI's GPT's newest models?
How personalized are the content and suggestions by Casper AI?
What kind of insights can Casper AI provide?
How does Casper AI help in creating and sharing content?
Does Casper AI have a feature to switch between news and data sources?
What is Casper AI's stand on liability for generated content?
Is there a limit to the amount of data that Casper AI can ingest?
How does Casper AI prioritize top insights?
How does Casper AI increase user awareness of new insights and their potential impact?
How is Casper AI different from other AI tools on the Chrome Web Store?
What user information does Casper AI require to function properly?


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