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Find and store online content effectively.
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LINER is an AI-powered online tool that enables users to find and bookmark important information faster. It helps users to highlight significant information, web pages, articles, images, and PDF files from all over the internet.

The tool also allows users to filter content based on recommendations from millions of intelligent people across the world. LINER's AI meets ChatGPT feature generates answers from reliable references and suggests what to search next.

One of the fundamental features of LINER is the ability to collect books, articles, and files together in one place, making it easier for users to access their saved information.

The user can access their bookmarks any time and any day in the future, eliminating the need for multiple searches. LINER is available in various forms, including browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge, and Whale as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

The tool offers different pricing plans depending on the user's requirements, including basic, essential, and professional plans. Overall, LINER is a valuable tool for anyone who frequently needs to find and save information online, enabling users to efficiently discover notable highlights on the web and optimize productivity.


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Pros and Cons


Find content effectively
Bookmark important information
Highlight web pages
Filter content by recommendations
Generate answers from references
Suggests next searches
Collect books and articles
Access bookmarks anytime
Available on multiple browsers
Mobile apps for iOS/Android
Flexible pricing plans
Optimize productivity
Highlight on YouTube
Highlight on Images
Highlight on PDF
Personalized search
Store highlights for future use
Proudly used by many
Boosts workplace productivity
One-click export to Evernote
App extensions for Chrome/Edge/Safari/Opera/Whale
Availability on App Store
Availability on Google Play
Frequent updates and support


Doesn't support Firefox
No offline option
No desktop application
Paid features for basic functionalities
No group-collaboration features
No backup possibilities for saved content
Unsatisfying filtering system
Doesn't support video marking
Limited language support
No user-customizable interface


What are the key features of LINER for Chrome?
How does LINER use AI technology, specifically its AI meets ChatGPT feature?
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What are the different pricing plans offered by LINER and what do they include?
How does LINER's extension for Chrome work?
Can LINER be used to highlight and save information from any place on the internet?
How does LINER help improve productivity?
Does LINER for Chrome allow me to access my saved bookmarks anywhere and at any time?
How does the filter content based on recommendations feature in LINER work?
Can LINER for Chrome highlight and save multimedia content like images?
What browsers support the LINER extension?
How does LINER assist in searching and suggesting content?
Can LINER group and save my saved bookmarks, files, and articles in one place?
How safe and reliable is the information suggested by LINER?
Does LINER interact with other productivity tools, such as Evernote?
Can LINER help me discover new content based on my interests?
How many languages does LINER support?
Does LINER work on YouTube and what features does it offer there?
Is LINER's AI feature dependent on my internet connection?
Where can FAQs and customer support for LINER be found?

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