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Automated Q&A-style task personalization for browsers.
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AI Genius is a browser extension that utilizes artificial intelligence to assist with tasks such as automating repetitive work and learning user preferences.

The tool is marketed as a way to improve efficiency, accuracy, and customer service, and is described as being available 24/7. The extension does not collect or use user data, as stated by the developer in their privacy policy.

User reviews praise the AI technology used in the extension, describing it as user-friendly and easy to navigate. AI Genius can be installed and used on Chrome, and the developer offers support in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Chinese.

The extension is offered by Best News Forever, and while it is not clear if the tool is free or if there is a cost associated with its use, users can reach out to the developer for more information.

Overall, AI Genius appears to be a valuable tool for individuals looking to streamline their work processes with the help of AI technology.


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AI Genius was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates repetitive work
Learns user preferences
Improves efficiency
Improves accuracy
Boosts customer service
Available 24/7
Does not collect user data
User-friendly interface
Easy navigation
Operates on Chrome
Support in multiple languages
Extension size: 308KiB
Frequent updates
Positive user reviews


Only works on Chrome
Unclear if free or paid
Offered by unrecognizable developer
Support language restrictions
Limited to Q&A-style tasks


What is the main purpose of AI Genius?
Can AI Genius help with productivity, and how?
Is AI Genius easy for beginners to use?
Can AI Genius be used 24/7?
What kind of tasks can AI Genius automate?
How does AI Genius learn user preferences?
What languages are supported by AI Genius?
Where can I install AI Genius, and on which browsers does it work?
How does AI Genius maintain user data privacy?
Who is the developer of AI Genius?
How has the AI technology in AI Genius been reviewed by users?
How can I reach out to the developer of AI Genius?
Is AI Genius free or is there a cost associated with its use?
Does AI Genius improve customer service?
How big is the AI Genius extension?
Can AI Genius adapt to changing business needs?
How efficient is AI Genius in automating repetitive work?
Does AI Genius function as a personal assistant for tasks?
When was the AI Genius last updated?
Can AI Genius be used for tasks in my native language?


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