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TeamSmart AI is a Chrome extension designed to help users take their ChatGPT experience to the next level by giving them access to a team of AI assistants.

The AI team can help with various tasks, such as writing code, generating images, and summarizing content. The tool can be easily accessed with a single click in the browser, and users can use their own OpenAI API key to save money.

Additionally, the tool offers instant access to a library of quality prompts, which can be accessed with a keyboard shortcut. The AI team members each have a unique skill set and can be selected to assist with specific tasks.

Some team members have special powers, such as summarizing content on the current page, and there are team members who specialize in software engineering, design, marketing, and more.

The tool provides a secure and convenient way to store data, as all data is saved locally on the user's device. Users can clear their messages at any time.

Overall, TeamSmart AI is a powerful tool for AI-assisted productivity that provides users with a quick and easy way to access a team of AI assistants with a range of skills to improve their ChatGPT experience.


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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Single click access
Library of quality prompts
Data saved locally
Clear messages any time
Unique skill set per assistant
No subscription required
Keyboard access to prompts
Various specialized team members
Secure data storage
Super powered team members
Instant access feature
task-specific help
Customizable code previews
Quality prompts at shortcut
Cheaper than ChatGPT Plus
Domain availability checker
Summarize content feature
Easy API key entry
Improved ChatGPT experience
Color code previews
Local, not cloud, storage
One-click browser access
Better UI than ChatGPT
Faster response time than ChatGPT
Codepen integration
Markdown support
Web version availability


Only for Chrome browser
Own API key required
Local data storage limit
Possibility of lost data
Lack of standalone application
Not all team members usable
Possible high cost per usage
Limited to selected skills


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