ChatGPT 12 Mar 2023
Generate mind maps efficiently with various templates.

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Chatmind: AI Mind Mapping & Brainstorming by GPT-4
Ideas grow on trees. Just type one: Enter a seed of thought and watch it sprout into a full idea tree.
Add your keywords into prompt. Or use our templates: Steer your brainstorming with keywords or jump-start it with our templates.
1 free credit a day: Enjoy a daily free credit to fuel your creativity with Chatmind.
A lot of AI features coming soon: Buckle up for a bunch of exciting AI updates that will turbocharge your brainstorming.
Chatmind was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Efficient mind map generation
Multiple template options
Task automation
Business scheduling
Presentation and summary capabilities
Keyword-prompted brainstorming
Daily free credit
One-click presentations
Project management features
Note summarization
Contextual and specified language support
Supported by multiple developers
Large user base


Requires Javascript enabled
Limited free usage
Not mobile-friendly
Poor browser compatibility
No listed API
Multiple developers, possible inconsistencies
Unclear language support


What is Chatmind?
How does Chatmind generate mind maps?
What are the template options available on Chatmind?
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What types of AI features is Chatmind planning to add in the future?
Can I use Chatmind without JavaScript enabled?
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Where can I find tutorials for using Chatmind?
Does Chatmind have a WeChat group?
Can I use Chatmind for project management?
How does the one-click presentation feature work on Chatmind?
Can I make a schedule using Chatmind?
Does Chatmind support specific language inputs?
How can I save my work on Chatmind?
How can Chatmind be used for brainstorming?
What does 'frame combing' mean in Chatmind?
How does Chatmind assist in the note summary?
What is the 'DarkLightDaily Free-LT' feature in Chatmind?
What kind of support is provided for Chatmind?
What does 'made by TianFang' imply on Chatmind?

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