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The Building a ChatGPT Plugin for Medium article published on Medium Engineering provides a technical exploration of the capabilities and proof of concept of ChatGPT plugins.

OpenAI has recently introduced plugins for ChatGPT to enable access to up-to-date content on the internet. ChatGPT had been trained on a 2021 dataset and had limited access to the internet, however, plugins can solve this problem by allowing platforms such as Medium to expose their content to ChatGPT.

The user prompt and installed plugins enable ChatGPT to trigger the correct API to retrieve a piece of content. Chat GPT plugin support is currently in private alpha, with access granted to Medium to explore the possibilities of making their content retrievable by ChatGPT.

The article explains how to build a ChatGPT plugin with a well-known/ai-plugin.json file, which provides necessary information so that ChatGPT can understand that your domain supports plugins and link the appropriate description, icons, and links to the end-users when installing the plugin.

The OpenAPI YAML file exposes the schema that allows ChatGPT to understand the API, and the Go language can be used to write the MediumGPT service that converts hardcoded GraphQL queries into REST APIs.

The article focuses on the technical side of building a ChatGPT plugin and demonstrates how it works.


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Pros and Cons


Supports plugins
Accesses up-to-date content
Triggers correct API for content
Alpha access
Capable of complex queries
Ability to chain queries
Supports Go language
Solves lack of internet access
Understands API surface
Enables browsing and manipulation
Ability to expose APIs
OpenAPI YAML for schema
Handles both authenticated and non-authenticated users
Proof of concept available
Supports platform specific plugins
Allows content exposure to ChatGPT
Can convert GraphQL queries into REST APIs
Supports OpenAPI specification
Content retrieval from Medium
Individual post content retrieval
Allows searching posts with specific query
Provides descriptions of schema objects
Ensures context-aware responses
Plugin debugging through ChatGPT interface
Supports middleware service creation
Understands complex descriptions
Enables natural query language
Allows adjustment to API description
Allows debugging directly on ChatGPT
Provides real-time debugging feedback
Recognizes trending posts
Searches posts using specific queries
Fetches post content
Retrieves relevant post summaries
Offers browsing and manipulation for Medium content
Allows detailed technical exploration
Allows complex and useful queries
Handles plugins in private alpha
Retrieves related posts to a topic
Allows technical demonstrations
Enables automated response generation
Supports chained API calls
Responsive to user prompts
Capable of query manipulations
Supports automated content retrieval
Allows post condition querying (e.g., paywall status)
Provides results as simple, clear JSON results


In private alpha
Requires domain support
Dependent on well-documented schemas
Limited plugin support
API access depends on user prompts
Content retrieval issues
Cannot directly talk to GraphQL API
Limited service languages (Go)
API chaining complexity
Potential confusion with multiple plugins


What is MediumGPT?
What is the purpose of the ChatGPT plugin for Medium?
How does the ChatGPT plugin for Medium work?
What problems does the ChatGPT plugin solve for Medium?
What is the current status of the ChatGPT plugin development?
How do I build a ChatGPT plugin?
What is the use of the ai-plugin.json file in the ChatGPT plugin?
What programming languages can be used to write MediumGPT services?
What kind of content does the ChatGPT plugin for Medium retrieve?
How does the ChatGPT plugin improve content access?
Can the ChatGPT plugin convert GraphQL queries into APIs?
What does the OpenAPI YAML file do in the ChatGPT plugin?
In what format does the MediumGPT service deliver content?
What is the private alpha status of the ChatGPT plugin?
What capabilities does the ChatGPT plugin have?
How does the ChatGPT plugin interact with up-to-date content on the internet?
What is the role of the user prompt and installed plugins in the functionality of the ChatGPT plugin?
Can the ChatGPT plugin be installed on any domain?
What is the impact of the ChatGPT plugin on end-users?
Why is the technical exploration and proof of concept of the ChatGPT plugin important?


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