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Improved email communication with intelligent replies.
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Chatgpt Add-on | AI Mail Assistant is an AI-powered Gmail add-on that enhances your email communication by enabling you to quickly generate smart email responses, translate messages, and summarize emails, improving grammar and wording in your drafts.

The tool is powered by OpenAI's Chatgpt technology, which uses the most developed AI language model currently available in the market. The add-on allows you to communicate more efficiently and professionally, saving valuable time and avoiding language barriers and mistakes.

The tool has features such as "Summarize" which provides efficient grasp of lengthy emails, and "Comprehensive Text Analysis & Detection" which goes beyond simple emotional tone detection to detect sarcasm, harassment, discrimination, mobbing, ethical issues, and sensitive topics in email communication.

This helps you maintain clear, respectful, and secure workplace interactions. The tool also provides real-time support by connecting you with ChatGPT expertise within your Gmail inbox.

The AI Mail Assistant has been adopted by top companies and professionals worldwide and is trusted in the industry due to its advanced language capabilities.

The add-on comes with a free trial period and offers secure payment via Stripe and PayPal. Overall, the Chatgpt Add-on | AI Mail Assistant is a powerful tool that revolutionizes your Gmail inbox with AI and enables you to communicate effectively and efficiently.


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Pros and Cons


Quick email responses generation
Email translation capabilities
Summarizes emails
Grammar and wording improvement
Real-time support in Gmail
Detects sarcasm, harassment, discrimination
Detects mobbing, ethical issues, sensitive topics
Used by top companies
Available free trial
Secure payment via Stripe and PayPal
Email analysis & detection features
Supports 13 languages translation
Popular among professionals worldwide
Efficient handling of lengthy emails
Tested and trusted by industry leaders
Facilitates clear and respectful communication
Detects nuanced tones in emails
Increases productivity
Keeps professional image intact
Provides industry-leading language capabilities
Automates answer generation
Improves writing skills
Recognized for value and efficiency
Cancels subscription anytime
Helpful for international communication
Saves time and energy
Ensures clear and professional communication


Limited to Gmail platform
Only 13 languages supported
May misinterpret email nuance
Questionable detection accuracy
No clear data privacy
Need payment for full feature
Unknown server-side performance
Lacks advanced customization
Limited user interface controls
Oversimplification in summarization


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Who are some of the top companies or professionals using the AI Mail Assistant worldwide?
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What is the functionality of the seamless translation feature in the AI Mail Assistant?
How can the AI Mail Assistant help in detecting sensitive topics in email communications?


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