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GPT Prompt Tuner is an AI tool that helps users fine-tune their prompt creativity by generating chat-driven GPT prompt iterations and running conversations synchronously in parallel.

Users can provide their own prompts or let the AI generate variations for them, edit and customize the prompts, and receive messages from ChatGPT simultaneously.

The tool provides a flexible pricing plan, including a self-driving plan, monthly plan, yearly plan, and enterprise plan with varying features such as unlimited tunings and messages, unlimited prompts, and a specific number of messages per month.

This tool does not require users to switch conversations or tabs, making it efficient and easy to use. Users can select a prompt they wish to send to ChatGPT, which will generate finely-tuned and well-written versions of the prompt.

Then, the user can open as many ChatGPT windows as they wish with the first prompt and its variations sent to the model. Users can choose the best prompt and continue the conversation.

The tool is highly customizable, and users can decide to use their OpenAI API key or use the tool's provided key. However, users must possess an OpenAI API Key to use the self-driving plan.

The tool eliminates the need for manual chat generation, making it an excellent choice for user engagement and prompt generation.


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Feb 29, 2024
helpful for those starting out with AI that don't yet know how to generate prompts. paid tool but ty for the 1st free week xo
Jan 27, 2024
Reach dad book

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Pros and Cons


Generates ChatGPT prompts
Runs prompts in parallel
Customizable prompts
Synchronous conversations
User-provided prompts option
Receives ChatGPT messages simultaneously
No need for tab switching
Flexible pricing plans
Self-driving plan available
Monthly, yearly, enterprise plans
Unlimited tunings feature
Unlimited prompts feature
Defined messages per month
Option of own API key
No need for manual chat
Great for user engagement
Enhanced prompt creativity
Multiple chat windows
Choice of best prompt
Interactive conversations
Customised API key usage


Offers no free plan
No offline functionality
Unspecified enterprise plan details
Limited messages in paid plans
No mobile app version
Variable performance on large-scale
Doesn't specify data privacy measures
Functionality limited to ChatGPT
Pricey monthly and yearly plans


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How can I subscribe to GPT Prompt Tuner?


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