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Improved code quality & accelerated development.
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Sourcery is an AI-powered tool that aims to improve code quality and speed up the development process. It functions as a pair programmer, providing immediate and precise answers to coding questions, helping users navigate and understand new code bases, legacy code, and new concepts.

The tool offers automated solutions for repetitive tasks such as writing tests, crafting docstrings, and code reviewing. With a single click, Sourcery streamlines these tasks, saving developers time and effort.

Sourcery also assists in code refactoring by generating best-practice tips, suggesting improvements, and providing real-time, near-human review insights.

This feature enables developers to maintain peak code quality, reduce delays in the review process, and receive immediate feedback. Moreover, the tool offers documentation generation capabilities, allowing users to generate docstrings and tests automatically.

This helps improve code readability and ensure thorough test coverage. Sourcery is trusted by thousands of engineers from companies like Hello Fresh, Sky, Mindway, and Cisco.

Its user-friendly interface and intelligent capabilities make it a valuable tool for developers looking to enhance their code, gain insights, and automate repetitive tasks to deliver faster and continuously improve their projects.

Sourcery was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 26th 2023.
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