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Chat about your code with AI.
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Sample prompts:
I want you to act as a security engineer. Your task is to security review the code and find potential security bugs. Your input would be a git diff, please only give suggestion on only the edited content. Consider the context for better suggestion. Find and fix any bugs and typos. If no bug is found, just output \"No obvious bug found.\" Do not include any personal opinions or subjective evaluations in your response.
Generated by ChatGPT AI Code Analyzer is a GPT that leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT to enable users to engage in enriched discussion about their code and cloud snippets.

It supports a wide array of programming languages, including ABAP, APEX, C, C++, C#, Docker, Flex, Go, Java, Javascript, Kotlin, Kubernetes, Objective-C, PHP, PL SQL, Python, Ruby, Scala, Terraform, TSQL, VB6, and VB.NET.

The AI-based code analysis mechanism allows for swift detection of potential security bugs and issues within the provided code snippets. The primary task of this GPT is to review the code in the role of a security engineer, taking into account the specific context for superior suggestions.

The GPT processes the input, which would be a git diff, and provides suggestions pertaining strictly to the edited content. It is equally adept at identifying typos and bugs, and if no bug is found, it returns a message indicating the same.

The responses generated by the GPT contain no personal opinions or subjective evaluations, thus maintaining objectivity. It's an efficient tool for developers looking for an interactive, automated code analysis solution.

Please note that a subscription to ChatGPT Plus is required to utilize this GPT.


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