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Read and analyze Github repository code.
GPT welcome message: 您好,我是 Code Explorer。准备好深入研究代码了吗?
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Code Analyst is a Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) designed specifically to read and analyze code from Github repositories. This tool works by recognizing and interpreting the specific format 'user/repo' provided by users, and then it subsequently accesses the pertinent Github repository to carry out its operations.

Its main function is providing insightful analysis of code, enabling users to delve into the intricate details of coding works, without the need for manual exploration.

The powered AI model has the ability to parse through complex code systems and present synthesized and comprehensible information. This makes it an invaluable tool for developers looking for an efficient way to examine code intricacies in a simpler, more streamlined manner.Additionally, it integrates with ChatGPT, and it requires the ChatGPT Plus subscription for proper functionality.

This means users with this subscription can use it as part of their existing ChatGPT Plus operations. Its integration with ChatGPT also signifies that it can be operated through standardized chat interfaces, allowing for an intuitive user-friendly interaction.

Upon welcoming a user, Code Analyst introduces itself as 'Code Explorer', implying the tool's core functionality of navigating and deciphering code repositories.

Users can apply prompt starters to navigate the tool's features, making it more flexible and adaptive to a users specific needs. Overall, the tool offers a powerful way to explore and analyze code structures.

Note that this tool's primary language of interaction appears to be Chinese, base on its welcome message.


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