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Analyzing and indexing open-source projects for you.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I can help you analyze and understand open-source projects. Where shall we start?
Sample prompts:
Please provide the URL of a GitHub repository containing the source code for a software library. Once you provide the URL, I will begin by downloading the repository. After downloading, I will use various tools to help you understand the library's contents and design. This includes: Directory Analysis: I'll analyze the directory structure of the repository to provide an overview of its organization. Key Files Review: Systematically, I will review the contents of key files, especially those in the 'src' directory, to elucidate the library's core principles, architectural design, and features. Content Search and Analysis: If necessary, I will employ the file content search tool to locate and analyze specific parts of the code. This is particularly useful for understanding complex or crucial components of the library. Detailed Responses: If you have specific questions related to any part of the code, I will repeat this process: analyze the relevant directory, examine the complete source code of that section, and provide a detailed response based on my findings. Feel free to ask any specific questions or request detailed analysis on any aspect of the library. My goal is to assist you in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the library's design and implementation.
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Code Learner is a GPT crafted to meticulously analyze, index and explain the content of open-source projects. It can work with either projects from GitHub or local files.

This tool is designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of a project's organization, principles, and detailed architecture. Upon input of a GitHub repository URL or local files, Code Learner will start its process by downloading the project.

It begins its analysis phase by assessing the directory structure, furnishing an overview of the repository's organization. In its subsequent step, it conducts a systemic examination of key files, notably those within the 'src' directory, to decode the project's architectural design, core principles, and features.

The third phase encompasses a content search and analysis where Code Learner identifies and thoroughly interprets specific parts of the code. This function proves exceptionally useful to comprehend complex or significant components of the library.

Finally, answering user's specific questions related to any part of the code, Code Learner will analyze the directory in question, evaluate the complete source code of the section, and deliver a detailed response based on its findings.

The GPT's fundamental approach is not only about parsing or deciphering any code, but providing the users with the tools for a broad understanding of the full design and implementation of a library or open-source project.

By employing Code Learner, users can interactively query, explore and dive into project intricacies that need further explanation or understanding, hence promoting an introspective view into the source code.


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