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SourceCodeAnalysis.GPT is a GPT intended to analyze and examine a project's source code. The tool supports the input of source code in a zip format, which it can thoroughly analyze.

Post analysis, it can provide responses to any queries related to the examined source code, facilitating the users to gain insight into their projects.

This GPT is primarily meant for developers or teams who are looking to obtain actionable insights from their codebase. With this tool, users can gain a deeper understanding of the code's structure, dependencies, and other specific attributes.

It's also capable of identifying potential issues or areas for improvement within a codebase. The tool requires an active ChatGPT Plus subscription and further action, such as signing up, may be necessary to fully utilize it.

Keep in mind that this GPT's abilities to conduct source code analysis can be influenced by the quality and structure of the submitted code. As a part of its interface, it includes prompt starters which can assist users in crafting queries to extract the most relevant information from the analysis.

Please note, while this GPT can provide valuable input into the codes structure and potential issues, complementing this with manual reviews and testing is advisable.


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SourceCodeAnalysis.GPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 25th 2023.
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