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ByTakayuki Fukatsu
Check your coding skill from uploaded codes.
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Coding Skill Checker on is a GPT specifically engineered to assess your coding skills by analyzing the codes you upload. Developed by Takayuki Fukatsu, this tool leverages the advanced language processing abilities of ChatGPT to understand, evaluate and subsequently provide feedback on the competency of one's coding abilities.

It requires ChatGPT Plus to function. Upon login and code submission, the tool intelligently processes the uploaded codes, picking up patterns and understanding the logic behind the code to determine the user's proficiency in coding.

This tool aims to provide an objective and accessible way to validate and improve coding skills. It is a convenient platform for both novices experiencing their first foray into programming as well as seasoned coders wanting to benchmark their abilities.

However, remember that the results are based on the AI's evaluation and may not accurately represent the genuineness and effectiveness of complex or creative coding strategies not recognized by the system, making it one among many gauges of one's coding competence.


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